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Nov 1, 2008 10:42 AM

Blue Olive - Dieppe/Moncton

Happened upon this little gem in Dieppe yesterday and while it appears to be in it's very initial stage, i'm quite glad I found it. Right now it's a small grocery type operation, but the restaurant portion will open around mid-November, i'm told.

I haven't found a whole load of places around the Moncton area that stock things like harissa, preserved lemons as examples, or in general import items. Yes, the superstore and sobeys has their import sections....but not the variety of some of the finds here. There were beverages, sweets, grains, nuts and legumes, canned products, oils, vinegars, pastes, spices and a fairly impressive olive selection where I also found the preserved lemons. Also a small selection of baked goods. That's just some of what i remember from my trip.

In addition to the selection, i noted that at least a few of the prices were markedly cheaper than the grocery store. I had just picked up a few things at superstore where I paid close to $7 for the Huy Fong 28 oz bottle of Sriracha...It was $4 and change at Blue Olive.

I was impressed and i'll be back. Glad to see places like this, and I hope it'll grow.

Blue Olive - 451 Codiac Plaza, Paul St. Dieppe.

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  1. Went there this weekend. It is great! A varied selection of food, and well priced.
    For anyone looking for it, it's right across from Champlain Place.
    Thanks, im momad, for the heads up!

    1. Hi, went there this past Sunday.
      Really nice to see someone make an attempt to get some interesting items in.
      The only way these folks will make it is if the rest of the community supports them and doesn't go running to Sobeys or the Stupor Store. I look forward to them opening their cafe portion of the shop, my wife and I own a small cafe and are always happy to see another small non-corporate cafe open up.
      I told the folks in the store that I first heard about them on here and they were surprised and thrilled.
      Thanks im nomad for this, this is the reason I signed on and got an account here.
      Now I don't have to go to Pete's in Bedford to get Panko crumbs.

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      1. re: bagtown

        Funny....I bought several bags of panko while we were there too.
        Can't get it readily in Fredericton.

        1. re: troutpoint

          I was there on Sunday, too. We bought homemade baklawa, which was excellent, and also homemade harissa, which was delicious, too.
          Thanks for the tip. I hope they are successful, too.

      2. For the interested....I noticed that they also have a booth at the Dieppe market when i was there this past Saturday.

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        1. re: im_nomad

          Where? We were at the market on Sat am. Not only did I not see them, we couldn't find our waiter from L:ittle louis from Sat pm. He told us he makes crepes at the market on Saturdays. Although we managed to buy lots, we didn't see him or the Blue Olive....Maybe we missed an entire room???

          1. re: troutpoint

            hmm, I think the crepes are at the Moncton market on Westmorland aren't they? The Blue Olive table was at the Dieppe market, right inside the door, kind of in the area of the fresh pasta and the roasted nuts...

            1. re: im_nomad

              We were at the Westmoreland Market....Didn;t know there was one in Dieppe. Doesn't matter, did enough damage at the store.

              1. re: troutpoint

                oooh you gotta check out the Dieppe market...there is a cheese stand there that is soooo good. Lots of local wines, breads....etc etc.....many many good finds .

        2. Visited again today, and the restaurant side is up and running and seemed to be doing a very good business ! Was told the specials run a different way each time, today it was Iranian, tomorrow Tunisian, etc. I picked up a take out falafel as I was on my own and in a hurry, which was pretty good, but the special looked really good. I plan to return.

          Very happy to see this place up and running ! what a gem.