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Nov 1, 2008 10:17 AM


Has anyone tried Coquette at North Hills ( )since they opened up to the public this week? I keep waiting on Varmintbites ( ) to review but haven't seen it.

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  1. I'm going tomorrow night. A friend of mine went last week and raved. I was hoping to read more here, but it looks like I'll be the first. Real French food. Here! Thank you Urban Food Group!

    1. Yes, I went there last Saturday and loved it. The place was very busy, and my reservation for 2 at 8:45 turned into sometime after 9, but it was worth the wait. Steak frites are a classic presentation with the shoestring fries and tender, juicy steak. I opted for the butter sauce instead of the peppercorn or hollandaise. Wine is served by the bottle or you can choose from 2 reds and a riseling by the 500mL carafe. The lobster bisque was also superb. For dessert, we had the vanilla creme brulee and port. The service was very good considering it was opening weekend, and the manager personally came by to make sure we were enjoying ourselves. I think this place, (unlike South - the former tenant in this location) will survive and enjoy a large following. I would definitely recommend Coquette, and you can read my full review at

      1. I had dinner there on Monday, 11/3. I was fantastic. You know how they say you should wait a couple weeks before going to a new restaurant? Forget it! Don't deprive yourself of this splendid treat!

        I had dinner at the bar with two friends. We started with the olives, nice variety, very tasty. I ordered the frisee and lardons salad with a poached egg. The salad was outstanding. It's dressed with a Sherry vinagrette a little heavy on the Sherry vinegar. The yolk of the egg is warm but runny and the perfect compliment to the dressing. The dressing would be lost to the yolk without the excess vinegar, but mixed with the buttery yolk , it's sublime. This salad would make an excellent light lunch or brunch with a little bread or pastry. The salad was larger than I expected. One friend ordered the Steak Frites. It was cooked perfectly. The steak was tender and juicy and an excellent deal for $19. The fries were crispy but not greasy. The other friend ordered the duck confit crepes. I don't eat duck, so I didn't try it, but she raved about it. It was a perfectly portioned small plate, but I forget the price. I ordered the Moules Frites. Weighing that against the Steak Frites, I can't decide which was the star of the show. I ordered the saffron broth with tomatoes. It was the best I've ever had. The mussels were cooked perffectly, not at all rubbery or gritty. The dish is a steal at $13. I was served about twice what I was expecting, with a huge silver cup of the shoestring fries and a great overall presentation. I tried hard, but I wasn't able to finish all of the mussels. I had a glass of the cotes du Rhone and my friends had beers. In reviewing the dessert menu, I was afraid the offerings were a bit pricey. When we were served the cherry clafoutis, I realized I was wrong. it was served in a good sized cast iron skillet, warm, with a scoop of ice cream. The clafoutis was great, crispy on top, soft inside, the cherries were sweet and tart. You really have to try this! After all the food we'd had, we weren't able to finish the dessert.

        The server split the cost of the olives and clafoutis on our two bills for us without asking, which I liked. My glass of wine, salad, mussels, half of the olives and half of the dessert came to $34 and I was completely stuffed! The portions were generous, the prices were fair. For any other restaurant, the service was pretty good. In light of the fact that they were open only a week, the service was great. Naturally there were a few timing issues, but I would consider them to be minor. Again, because they were only open a week, they didn't have a couple things yet, like cassis for cocktails or my favorite, Lillet, but they should be in shortly. There are a few kinks to work out with timing and vendors and once they are straight, this brasserie with be a stellar restaurant. The inside is beautiful, the atmosphere is very Parisian. I really, really loved this place.

        I was able to look over the lunch menu. The prices are very reasonable! Most of the sandwiches were $6 or $7. They had the Moules Frites for $13 and the Steak Frites for $13. I can see this place being packed for lunch. I was also told by a bartender they are serving dinner until midnight, great for an after movie snack or service industry folks. For a Monday night a week after opening, they were remarkably full. I think I might recommend reservations for this place.

        Kevin, Stacy and the gang have another homerun here. The Urban Food Group have really proven themselves to be first class restauranteurs. Given that plus the location, we can expect a successful Coquette to be around for a long time. I can't thank them enough for bring this experience to Raleigh.

        And I can't wait to stop by for lunch tomorrow!

        1. I had lunch there today - Duck Confit Crepes and a beer. Impressive! A couple leaving as I came in told the manager how pleased they were, and that it was their third lunch there this week and they were coming for dinner tomorrow. The staff is on the ball. I intend to go back next week. I'd call it a home run!

          1. We ate at Coquette last night. It was amazing- my new favorite restaurant in Raleigh!! I had the plat du jour - cod with cranberry beans - it was perfect- absolutely delicious. My husband had the Steak Frites which was perfectly cooked and very delicious and my father in law had the scallop petit plat with the grilled asparagus as a side. I tried them all and it was hard to decide what I liked best. I can't wait to go back!