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Nov 1, 2008 10:04 AM

Neptune Oyster tonight

Has anyone been lately.We haven't been in about a year is it
still as good.

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    1. It's so delicious. Get the hot lobster roll done in butter. The raw bar is the best.

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      1. Yum - what did you have and how was it?

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        1. re: chowfamily

          We had a variety of oysters and littlenecks we liked the oysters but littlenecks were not good.They have a few new items on the menu.Hamachi tartar, was very good and a new
          scallop entree was also very good. Fish special Black fish was just ok and clam chowder was aslo just ok.

          1. re: babyblue

            regarding the littlenecks: not good as in them being not live and fresh? or not good as in pervasive Mud Flat taste with a strong metallic finish?

            1. re: ScubaSteve

              I don't eat them that was friends comment.

            2. re: babyblue

              Can you describe the scallop entre and the black fish? What about the chowder made it 'just ok'?