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Nov 1, 2008 09:25 AM

Best Sports Bars in Manhattan

Afternoon everyone. Hope all had a good halloween!! I am looking for a the best sports bars in NYC....good food...nice TV's...and most important....Great beer selection. We typically go to a place like Houston's on Park Ave S and just sit at the bar (def not a sports bar but they have good food and beer on tap). Love dba but not really good TV's. We will go anywhere in the city. Basically looking to do a college football wkend before moving to London. Thanks for the help!!!


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  1. Check out Blue Seats on Ludlow. It's not your father's sports bar -- more trendy than fratty -- but it has a staggering number of flat screen TV's and (I believe) several beers on tap.

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      Blue Seatsis in an unmitigated disaster....Eater has had running coverage, you can start here...

    2. do not goto blue seats--that place sucks. i have no clue how its still in business. u r better off going to one of the brother jimmys or a blondies

        1. Mercury Bar in Murray Hill, has the best TV setup of the sports bars in my opinion, I also enjoy Backpage. Landsdowne has a decent TV setup and really good food and beer selection

          1. Mercury is ok but can get really loud and the food is average. Blind pig on 14th between 1&2 is less rowdy, has better food and a solid beer selection. Oh and plenty of good TVs.