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My Favorite places to eat in Pinellas County

Looking for alternatives too though you never know there could be better places to eat I just haven't found them yet.

Los Mariachis 2
9100 Ulmerton Rd,
Largo, FL 33771-3821

Blowfish Sushi Bar (May be Jimmy's Sushi now but same guy making the rolls)
5731 Seminole Blvd, #1,
Seminole, FL 33772

Well those are the 2 places outside of establishment places.

Drinking is fun at Limey's Pub in st Pete 14th ave & 4th St N

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  1. The best Blackened Grouper sandwich is at Wahoo's in Redington Beach. Also great steak sandwich and fresh fish!

    1. What about Walt's in St. Johns Pass? The fish is so fresh there the guy doesn't even open if he can't get the quality he wants. Delicious gazpacho too.

      1. Okay, I have new favorites. We just discovered Gulfport. We liked Backfin Blue, Domain and O'Maddy's.

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          Can you tell us more about Domain, PDeveaux?
          I agree with your other two picks for Gulfport. Is Domain where Elements used to be?
          Poor Elements! What happened there?

        2. Cristino's coal fired pizza in Clearwater. The pizza and gelato are excellent.

          1. The Table in downtown St. Pete has the best shortribs I've ever had and a very imaginative menu. Kiku Sushi in Clearwater Beach has some of the best sushi, as does (surprise!) Takara at The Venue--it's the only place in Tampa Bay I've found that has real wasabi instead of the reconstituted stuff you see everywhere else. My favorite new Vietnamese place is Jade Garden in Pinellas Park--their shaking beef is easily the equal of the Slanted Door's version in San Francisco (and their prices can't be beat--nothing on the menu is over $13-$15 with most items well under that.) Bellini's in Dunedin has some of the best homeade pasta around and Walt's Seasonal Cuisine in Dunedin has the best shrimp saganaki, served with crusty bread so you can get every last drop of the sauce's garlicky goodness. ABC Seafood is a good Chinese choice (when I'm feeling too lazy to cross the bridge to Yummy House). One of my all-time favorites is Ceviche downtown--great food, great atmosphere, great Flamenco bar downstairs for dancing after dinner--but the last time I was there, the waiter was so rude that it will probably be a while until I go back again. Finally, you can't beat an El Cap burger and ice cold beer on your way back from the beach.

            1. Pho Quoyen - Vietnamese
              Hook's - Sushi
              Skyway Jack's - Breafast
              Chicago Grill - Italian Beef, et al
              Smokin Out - BBQ
              Cristino's and Sardo's - Pizza
              ABC Chinese Seafood - name says it all
              Frida's Cafe and Bakery - again, it's in the name
              The Knish Place at the Saturday Morning Market - I don't remember what the real name is, but they taste just like my grandmother's. Their brisket knishes incorporates my grandmother's brisket and mashed potatoes into one bite.

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                Where is the Saturday Morning Market? I'll be in Pinellas in a few weeks and would love to try their brisket knishes!

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                  It is in the parking lot of the old Al Lang baseball stadium in downtown St. Petersburg.

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                    Those would be the "Brooklyn Knishes" the couple that sell the 4 or 5 different kinds are at the Dunedin Market on Friday's from 8-1 and Friday evenings in Safety Harbor and then Sat mornings in St Petersburg. Those are the best knishes outside NY.

                2. I agree with Andy about Cristino's and laboheme about Kiku and Walt's Seasonal Cuisine. To those I add the following:

                  Mykono's in Tarpon Springs for scrumptous Greek.
                  Pierogi Grill in Clearwater for Polish dishes that would make my grandmother green with envy.
                  Guppy's on Indian Rocks Beach. Love their daily seafood specials, especially the Sunset Trio (tastings of three seafood specials of the evening).
                  Savannah in St. Pete for upscale Southern comfort food.
                  Umberto's in Dunedin for the best damn lasagna I've ever tasted.
                  Casa Tina in Dunedin for "Fresh Mex".
                  La Cabana del Tio in Clearwater for the best tacos north of Hidalgo.

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                    I love Guppy's! I've always had great service and great meals there!
                    And Mykonos! Only been once but its very good!

                    I'll take your other recommendations for sure. We obviously have similar tastes =)