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Nov 1, 2008 08:48 AM

Green tomato ideas?

I've got an overabundance this year and am wondering if anyone has an recepies to use of the green tomatoes as they don't look like they will ripen. I have fried them, but that's it. Thanks!

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  1. I just saw an episode on Food Network (Paula Deen) for fried green tomatoes with an interesting onion relish that looked really good!

    I can see in my head somewhere someone going on about making jam or some kind of canned green tomatoes, but I don't remember. Maybe a relish? I'll try to remember to aks my dad. :)

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      This is ironic since I actually make something very close to a green tomato relish for use with saussages, falaffel, wraps, and anything that could stand a little zing.

      Not being a pro, and not enamoured of chemistry, I hardly measure ingredients, but any cook can figure the following out:
      Get & cut up the green tomatoes (however many you can put into your skillet ultimately) and bleed them (with coarse salt) for 30+ minutes;
      Completely over the bootom of the skillet with oil (I do olive or safflower) and suattee to softness some finely chopped shallots and sweet (Vidalia or similar) onion with a mixture of a variety of medium and hot pepper (I use Jalapeno, Serrano, Aurora & Tequila peppers);
      introduce the tomatoes and bring heat up to near medium - just enough to see minor bubbling action) and slow cook (you may need to lower heat a bit depending on your stove) for an hour or more to get to near paste viscosity.
      Let cool and pass through food mill.
      Voila: GT Relish (and, BONUS, basis for a great soup with fried crourons andPancatta (or dble smoked bacon).

    2. I made this soup by Emeril Lagasse and it was delicious. I only wish I'd canned some green tomatoes as this would be so good on a cold winter evening.

      Hot N' Spicy Green Tomato Soup with Crispy Pancetta

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        That sounds interesting. Think it would work with green cherry tomatoes?

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          I'm sorry, I just saw this reply. I do think it would work with green cherry tomatoes. You may have to adjust cooking time. I think I actually ended up cooking it a bit longer than the recipe said after I added the tomatoes.

      2. Green tomato and apple pie. Green tomato chow-chow (great with beans or field peas and cornbread). Green tomato pilaf (I like it with a little bacon, onion, and garlic).

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          I made a green tomato pie last week - omitted the apples because I wanted to see what the tomatoes tasted like on their own. I liked it so much that a few days ago I had company, so I stewed the tomatoes (peeled, cored and sliced) in a saucepan with a little sugar, some fresh lemon juice, lemon zest, nutmeg, cinnamon and cornstarch, then baked that as filling on puff pastry into green tomato tartlets. I served with apricot brandy whipped cream and chocolate ice cream. One of the best things I've made recently! I only wish I had more green tomatoes.

        2. Use some of your fried ones to make a fancy BLT sandwich!

          1. I have an excellent recipe for chili sauce. I usually make it twice a year: once in August when the first wave of good ripe tomatoes floods the garden, and then again in November when I can get all stages of ripeness at the farmer markets. The chili sauce is so strongly flavored that it doesn't really matter if the tomatoes are ripe or green (or in between).

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              I made this cake from food network. It's delicious and easy. Here's the link: