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Nov 1, 2008 07:50 AM


Looking for a place that has a good chicken ceaser salad in Boston.

Could be a diner, restaurant, etc.

Hold the anchovy extract, please!

Moderately priced.

Any ideas???

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  1. Hi-

    I make my own at home to my own specs since I never really found a Caesar that was properly done.
    I do like the anchovy bit though- even if it isn't original.

    Years ago- and I mean a decade- Davio's did a nice one as did Papa Razzi. But I have no idea what they are like now.

    I will be checking back to see if anyone has something promising to suggest.

    1. Hi Christina--there are so many places in Boston that offer chicken ceasar, you'd be hard pressed to be too disappointed. My favorite caesar is at Teatro, and I always order extra anchoives, they use the white ones there. My second place where I get a ceasar is Laurel and sometimes I have it with chicken or salmon. Both very good.

      1. i don't call it Cesar unless there are anchovies, both in the dressing and on the salad.

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        1. re: ScubaSteve

          Agreed ScubaSteve, LOTS od anchovies and it needs egg in the dressing! yum. I know lots of people who insist they hate anchovies, but have no problem putting worcestershire sauce on things, which has anchovies.

        2. Not sure how far out you want to go, but my favorite is a little ways north of Boston. Mill City Gourmet in Lawrence has a buffalo chicken Cesar salad that I really, really love. It's not actually on their menu, but they can make it as a special order.