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Nov 1, 2008 07:45 AM

Casual Earlyish Breakfast Sun AM near Art Museum

I'm running a 5K tomorrow on Kelly Drive and a bunch of us (10-15 people) are looking to grab a quick, casual breakfast after the race, probably around 9-9:30.

Does anyone know somewhere around the Art Museum that will be open, and could probably accomodate our group without too long a wait?

I would head over to Sabrina's on Callowhill but I'm guessing it's jammed around that time, and Memphis Taproom isn't open until 11.

If anyone has a suggestion that requires a little bit longer drive, I'll take it too!


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  1. You can cross the Parkway and go to Little Pete's, on Fairmount Ave. between 24th and 25th Street. (It is inside the Philadelphian Condo, with an outside entrance on Fairmount Ave.)
    It's nothing fancy - more like a diner - but you can get a good omelet and other breakfast food. Everything is always fresh and inexpensive. Very good blintzas, also.

    1. Not near to the Art Museum, but open at 10am is Beau Monde at 6th and Bainbridge. I love their brunch - all their dinner crepes plus breakfast crepes and regular breakfast platters. Crepes are sold by main ingredient and any ingredient can be added, so it's good for all tastes and they will accomodate your party esp early (I've brought big tables there at 10)

      1. Morning Glory Diner at 10th and Fitzwater or Honeys Sit and Eat in NoLibs at 4th and Brown