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Nov 1, 2008 07:40 AM

Tandoori Hut (good new Indo-Pak in N Austin)

This place opened about a month ago in the old Hyderabad House location (SE corner of
Wells Branch and Mo-pac). Lunch buffet (about $8) is pretty good, incl. a beautifully dark (smooth but not creamy) palak paneer and a savory goat korma. Most of the dozen or so dishes were seasoned nicely, using spices to enhance flavor, not out to "prove" anything.

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  1. It's been a whole year! Still pretty good. Palak paneer seldom makes an appearance on the buffet. There a few new dishes, incl. a goat dal and a chicken dish with a savory-tart green (cilantro-mint-chiles) sauce, known as "hara bhara" in some places. Come on, folks, if you're around N Austin/Pflugerville, check it out!

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      since i live in the "land of the bland", i appreciate the review and will definitely check it out.

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        Sorry, but I need to disagree. The wife and I have been eating Indian/Pakistani for about the last ten years, in India and England as well as the US.
        We excitedly stopped at this place for dinner and had a miserable experience. Despite being open for service, there were no fresh vegetables to make the dishes we initially ordered. We settled on Tandoori chicken and the wife asked about the level of heat. How many stars? She was assured that it was so mild that it had no stars. I didn't care about the heat in what I ordered since I tend to enjoy it.
        The food that was served was inedible. It was way too hot. We asked for some yogurt, but the chicken actually had burned my wife's mouth. End of meal for her. My dish was really lousy. It was so hot that I couldn't taste anything but the heat.
        Game over.
        Maybe these guys can put something together at lunch, but the meal service we had was terrible. And there are too many good places in Austin to waste time and money on this place.

        1. re: pikeman

          pikeman, where do you go for Indian?

          1. re: TroyTempest

            Go to Teiji's in Round Rock. It's by Sue's Book Exchange on that side street next to RRock HS.Owner is from Mumbai and he's got a great bunch of recipes he can have tailored to your level of heat.

          2. re: pikeman

            Sorry you had a bad experience there. They're not the most consistent. My guess is that they, like other small Indo-Pak eateries in town, have to concentrate more on catering wedding dinners and parties.

            Some of the dishes have whole spices, which is a good thing IMO, but I've never had a dish there that was extremely spicy. What was your dish? Their Tandoori chicken was too hot?! Either you're joking or something very strange was going on that day.