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Nov 1, 2008 04:12 AM

Wedding Favors in Toronto

Hi it's me again,

I'm trying to come up with something unique (but everyone is!) for my wedding next year. So far I've come up with truffles in a box in a champagne flute as a favor. But alas I only know of two truffle places:

LeFeuvre's and Chocolate Messenger.

Do you have any other places which you recommend for truffles?

Do you have a great favor idea you would like to share?

Thanks for the input!
Happy CHOWing

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  1. There are many chocolate shops that offer truffles: Soma, Swissmaster Chocalatiere, Xoco Cava, Simone Marie, and on and on. The one you pick will very much depend on your budget and your personal taste preference. Soma is my favourite of the bunch, but Xoco Cava has a very different style (the centers are a bit more liquidy, though they may have tweaked the recipe since I tried them) and some really interesting flavours.

    1. What time of year is your wedding? Sometimes it's nice to match the favor seasonly. My sister did caramel apples wrapped with a bow for her wedding (in Oct), and then I did the same idea for a party I was throwing, and everyone loved them.

      1. we had our truffles made by dessert lady in yorkville. We saw people peeling off the labels from the bottom of the box - they were that good. very reasonable prices.

        1. Agreed that Soma is fab esp. for unique products. If you want a one-stop shopping place for unique food ideas, why not attend this year's November One of A Kind Craft show, sample a bunch of goodies, and see if any of the vendors can arrange to work with you (may be a challenge with the location of some vendors, but you never know--depending on the timing of your wedding , you could order, and they may be back for the spring craft show!)>

          1. Try Frangipane patirsserie on Dupont (at Madison). They do great chocolate work there as well as yummy tarts & pastries