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Nov 1, 2008 04:08 AM

Caterers in Toronto???


I'm having my wedding next year and I wanted some or any feedback (service, food quality, pricing, would you book them or eat them again?) on the following caterers:

Daniel et Daniel
A La Carte
Beyond Catering

As well but not any less important, is there a caterer you've tried that you absolutely love or truly hate? Feedback is needed as picking and/or evaluating the caterers is really hard.

Plus any tips on evaluating the caterers or tips in dealing with them would be of great help...

Happy CHOWing!

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  1. I have used Eatertainment (although I remember googs posting a negative review, so hopefully she'll respond to this and then you'll get a more whole view) and I thought they were great. We got a tasting before we had to sign, with the menu we had selected, and the food the day of the event tasting the same as at the tasting. The only thing I would recommend is to provide the alcohol yourself; we wanted to have them provide it and they really did a poor job, not even providing alcohol to make a cosmo or martini, which was strange, and they bought too little alcohol and then were under-pouring to my guests (I'm an event planner). But the food really was very good, came out hot, and the presentation was lovely.

    1. I used 10tation for a home party with hors d'oeuves and desserts last year. The chef and staff that came to the house were delightful and professional, in fact a lovely addition to the evening. A few of the appetizers were less exciting than they sounded in their description. Good luck with the planning.

      1. My friends had their wedding catered by Enville, and I was really impressed by them. It was a 3-course meal, generous portions, and the service was top-notch. They were really organized and efficient. The caterers themselves were apparently very good to work with.

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          1. I recently shot a wedding catered by Rod from Rosebud. Food was excellent.

          2. I can't say enough good things about Beyond Catering. They are extremely professional. I have been to a few events catered by them and the head chef's (Tony Nuth) creations are outstanding.

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              But they won't give you a free tasting - only if you already pay for the event.