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Oct 31, 2008 10:44 PM

new lounge menu- cafe del rey

My girlfriend and I went to cafe del rey a few nights ago to have a few cocktails in the lounge. We have been there several times, but we were quite impressed with their new lounge menu. They are offering various small and large plates with various items. We really enjoyed working our way through most of the small plate menu, sampling duck rillette, red kuri squash agnolotti (some of the best pasta we've ever had,) kusshi oysters with fresh yuzu mignonette, bacon and potato croquettes, just to name a few. To my suprise, they also had turkey pot pie on the menu- I couldn't resist and ordered that too. It was so rich and wonderful, with a very flaky crust- it put my mom's to shame (hope she doesn't read this.) We asked the cocktail waitress about the chef, Jason Niederkorn, she mentioned he was a long time chef at Aubergine in Newport Beach as well as the corporate chef for the Goodells for many years. We can't wait to try the rest of the menu.

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  1. not only is their bar menu excellent, but their selection of wines by the glass is terrific too.

    1. A new chef heading up Cafe Del Rey? Great news! Get rid of the misplaced sushi, without a bar or the proper service pace to serve it properly, and bring back one of the great alltime dishes, the kung pao shellfish sausage with crisp potato sticks.

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        Chef Jason isn't really new, he's been at Cafe Del Rey for about a year. Maybe he finally got inspired to change.

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          i like the sushi-like dishes such as the seared ahi (i know, i know, it is not a very 'original' dish).
          sometimes i need a great low-calorie, low-carb menu choice and i can always find one at cafe del rey.

        2. I'm glad to hear this- we sampled their lounge menu when they started their happy hour and weren't too impressed- I remember the bacon and potato croquette but don't think the other things were on the menu.

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          1. big-time fav @ Cafe del Rey = truffle pizza. chef experiments a lot w/ specials & mgr - Michael - also happens to be a great guy. nice pairing of talent in kitchen & running the place. have been watching them gradually improve since they've teamed up.