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Oct 31, 2008 09:37 PM

Juliano's Raw-Santa Monica

Has anyone been here? A friend of mine is now eating raw unprocessed foods and has suggested that I try this restaurant to see just how good this type of food can be. He has finally gotten his diabetes under excellent and has lost 50 pounds since August. I would appreciate any information you may have about the restaurant.

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  1. I never ended up going. You should have seen the look when I stopped in to make a reservation... the up-and-down once-over and the big pause before they went to go see if my time slot (6 on a Wednesday) was open, and oh dear it wasn't.

    So I didn't go. I can nosh on crudites much, much cheaper without the attitude.

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      Wow! I didn't know they were like that. Thanks.

    2. Used to go, before they raised the prices by 300%. I much prefer Rawvolution on Main street. Less attitude and much better value. The desserts are really good and I haven't had anything I didn't enjoy especially the rolls.

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        From the menu I saw online it doesn't look expensive. Humm. OK-I looked online and came up with this list of restaurants that do raw foods. Can anyone add to this or give me other suggestions for local places. BTW Rawvolution isn't on the lists I have seen yet. I appreciate your efforts. I am really trying to fix my blood sygars and weight which have spiralled out of control .

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          This is probably way too far for you but CRU in Silverlake is wonderful. I am not even much of a Raw-foodie... although I do have a few recipes I make all the time at home... and I love the food there. Give it a try. The Mezze platter is incredible, as is the pizza and also the ravioli (those are the entrees I tried) and the desserts are out of this world.

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            Silverlake is ok for me. I am trying to educate myself on this so thats fine. Thanks everyone.

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            I will attest to the excellence that is Rawvolution. I've eaten there a number of times and have never had a complaint. The Almond Butter sandwhich is out of control and the raw pizzas are delicious.

        2. I am not a raw foodist, but I was curious so I went the Juliano's because I was curious. I can't compare it to other raw places in LA since this was my first time eating raw cuisine, but I thought it was pretty tasty. I had the pasta fresco with meatballs, and the chocolate parfait for dessert along with an Italian vanilla cinnamon milk steamer (made from almond milk). To me this seemed to be very creative cuisine as I had no idea vegetables could be turned into so many things (nut cheese, for instance). I seem to have been lucky in that I didn't encounter the attitude that others have had to deal with. One note--Juliano's does use honey in their food. Of course, it would be raw honey, but for someone being careful about their sugar intake (particularly someone with type 2 diabetes) this is something to make note of.

          1. I've been to Juliano's several times, because I think the food is both uniquely prepared & delicious. I must agree that it is terribly pricey & for reasons I don't understand, the wait-staff has a sense of extreme arrogance. I don't think Rawvolution is nearly as tasty. The food isn't all raw, but I adore the wonderful tates at Cafe M. D' Chaya as well. JET