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Oct 31, 2008 08:25 PM

Dinner while visting west palm beach

Hi all - I will be visiting West Palm Beach with my wife for 5 nights and we need some good restaurant recs. We are from NYC, and we really enjoy good food. That said, we do not want to go anywhere that requires jacket/tie and/or is just too stuffy. No steakhouses either. Would love to hear about your favorite Italians, Americans, French, Bistro though! Also, one of the nights there, we will be going out with a group of friends, so I could really use a recommendation for a fun, hip place with some energy to it AND good food! Thanks!!

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  1. Fun, hip, and good food would be Rocco's Tacos for a see and be seen place in downtown WPB. You can always drop nto Dr. Feelgoods afterwards or attempt to get into the ultra hip club Hotel. I'll let others rec the rest.

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      I found these reviews for Rocco's Tacos......

    2. I'd go to Forte di Asprinio on Clematis Street, for interesting and creative food and cocktails and great service (down the block from Rocco's)

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        I just had a very dissapointing experience at Forte! The food sounded way better on the menu than it looked. Our server was rude and didn't know the answer to several questions I had. We went on a Friday night and there were only 3 tables occupied. That place has to be on its way out.

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          That's too bad about Forte. I only tried it once, and it was late, but I thought the food showed promise and the wine list was impressive (though the service was definitely a weak link).

          I wonder whether, if it tried a little harder to be a restaurant instead of a "resto-lounge", it might do better. The night-clubby atmosphere is not what I normally associate with good food (and I did think most of the food was pretty good).

      2. I would highly recommend Spoto's Oyster Bar, 125 Datura St. Downtown WPB. Sit at the bar for a great martini and delicious oyster shooters!

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          We'll be in WPB for another month; we went to Pistache, across from the water fountains on clematis, and it was a wonderful meal, french bistro style, good choices and reasonable prices.