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Oct 31, 2008 06:42 PM

30th Birthday Dinner - LI

My son will be celebrating his 30th birthday over Thanksgiving weekend. He is coming in from LA and requested a trendy place for his special dinner. Anyone know of any upscale Manhattan type restaurants in Nassau County or Western Suffolk that may fit the bill. I was thinking of Four Food Studio in Melville, Cafe Buenas Aires in Huntington. We were also thinking of Nisen in Woodbury. Please help with any feedback. Thanks

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  1. Honu in Huntington would be good.

      1. re: chaz

        i wouldn't call the lake house trendy but it is excellent.

        toku is more along those lines but it's asian fusion so hopefully that would work for everyone.

      2. i agree four is very trendy
        also prime in huntington
        blue honu huntington
        baang woodbury

        1. Wish I knew of an upscale trendy place. I look forward to see what you end up with, might try it if you think if worthy. Good luck, I will keep checking back to see what is suggested. Good luck and Happy Birthday to your #1 son!!!

          1. Blackstone steakhouse in Melville is great for sushi, too, and pretty stylish. I agree that Four Food is the most trendy of those listed.