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Oct 31, 2008 06:37 PM

Best jacket required in D/FW?

My husband is due to return from a year's deployment in Afghanistan next month, and his request is to go out for a romantic dinner at an elegant place where men wear a sportcoat and no one is wearing jeans. Since we are usually more of the casual dining crowd (except for anniversary dinners), I am drawing a blank! We live in Grapevine, so anywhere in Dallas or Fort Worth is fine. McKinney and Frisco are too far away.

Places we have already been:
Lawry's Prime Rib
St. Martin's Wine Bistro
Silver Fox

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  1. The French Room is the only place I know of that requires a jacket. It is considered by many to be one of the best places in Dallas. It's expensive and the food is traditional French. They would be honored to do something special for your huband if you called ahead.

    Bijoux is contemporary French. No jacket is required but many if not most wear one. It too is considered one of the best.

    The Mansion used to require jackets but no more. The new chef is terrific and it too is widely acclaimed. Many if not most will be wearing jackets here. It is the best place if french food is not your favorite.

    Aurora is loved by many but disliked by some. Its small and more intimate than the others.

    Of the above I would do Bijoux. Itoffers a 5 course tasting menu where you select 5 different courses and can have the most varied meal (you can pick any 5 items on the menu, even 5 desserts).

    1. I haven't been to the French Room myself but based on what I've been told by friends I'd recommend it.

      1. The Chef's Tasting Room at The Mansion still requires a jacket though the main dining room does not. And if you're doing The Mansion for a special occasion, drop the extra $40 for the Tasting Menu rather than the regular 3-course prix fixe. When it comes to flawless service, no place does it like The Mansion. I was just there last night and it's a meal I will remember for a long long time.

        1. French Room is "Jacket Required" is an absolutely must. However, I think Bijoux captures the spirit of what your husband wants perfectly, although from time to time there will be someone wearing jeans with or without a jacket. Be sure to mention (perhaps in advance) to Gina (chef Scott Gottlich's wife and front of the house manager) that this is a special occasion. They will treat your husband like a king. Guaranteed.

          1. It looks like from your previous visits you may be looking for a steak type meal or atleast something more full filling. If I were a texas man coming home from oversees for I would want something hearty. I have not been to the places listed below so I have no idea of the quality though I am sure they are great; I would recommend Abacus in Mckinney Ave. Area or Dallas(chef Kent Rathbun) great food from past experience upscale or I have always had ga ga eyes for Del Friscos in North dallas off Tollway and spring valley. Not sure how upscale, but have been around as long or longer than anything you listed above and a steak restaurant. I hope you havea great time, and you will because he is there whether the dining is fine or casual; who cares as long as it is good! Tell him thanks. Let us know what you picked and what you both thought.

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            1. re: BA foodie

              Hubby does really miss a good steak!! We have been meaning to go to Del Frisco's for an anniversary for a few years now.

              I'm honestly not sure if he would like the food at the French places. He is a born-and-raised South texas guy, so the Southwestern feel at The Mansion would probably be more his style...

              Keep suggesting, please! I have about a month until he comes home!

              1. re: ChristieP

                Perhaps Charlie's then. If you tell them you want a romantic evening they can put you in a quite corner. Its not a jacket and tie place but many men will be wearing jackets and all the women will be dressed.

                Lots of meat on the menu:


                The issue with steak places is they are not too romantic and not jacket required dress. I dont eat "french" food or any seafood but never have a problem at any of the above places. i just order a filet medium rare and if it comes with a sauce I dont care for I tell them to put it on the side. If you call they will send you a menu--that will help quite a bit.

                1. re: ssh

                  Charlie's looks nice! And DH would definitely like the food. Lots of meat!

                  Del Frisco's says "business casual" so I assume they don't want people there in jeans... DH woudl LOVE the food, and he is also a cigar smoker, so their lounge would be perfect!

                  1. re: ChristieP

                    Del Frisco's is excellent but there will be people there dressed VERY casually. Charlie Palmer is really, really good. If you really want to dress up French Room is your place. Bijoux has unbelievable food.