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Oct 31, 2008 04:52 PM

Piedmont for Easter

Will be in the Piedmonte area during Easter and Easter Monday. Any suggestions for a nice meal on those 2 days when everything will be closed?

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  1. Piemonte is a big place. Can you be more specific? Where will you be staying?

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    1. re: swiss_chef

      We can be set plans....we usually decide when we are there.

      1. re: ncara

        Have a look at: this is a web page we made for friends and family visiting our area. Castello Razzano is a fantastic place to stay and there are loads of great restaurants in the area. The surrounding countryside is some of the most beautiful in Italy.

    2. Suggest Rabaja' in Baberesco- great wine list, mature barbarescos are very reasonable, and great food