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Oct 31, 2008 04:12 PM

Aki Da Japanese Seafood House at the Beaches

I recently took a trip to Aki Da located at the Beaches at Queen East after errands at theTea emporium for my favourite Milk Oolong (delicious!) and Dufflet for euro and pumpkin tarts.

Now the first thing I'd have to say was that it was really cold.... I don't know if they had the heating on.. and it was a chilly day outside so it didn't help that we were seated close to the windows. I ordered the Hiyashi Chuka, Yaki Tori and Satsuma Age while my friend had the grilled eggplant and crab salad. After a pretty long wait, the Yaki Tori and Satsuma Age were served first, now the Yaki Tori is skewered chicken pieces served with Teriyaki sauce and the Satsuma Age were deep fried Japanese fish cakes. While I enjoyed the Satsuma Age, the chicken in the Yaki Tori was dry and lukewarm and was obviously not fresh, the teriyaki sauce was also way too salty. The Hiyashi Chuka (served next) was a Soba dish that was served cold and topped with tamago, pickled shitake mushrooms, artifical crab meat and cucumbers with possibly a ponzu style sauce. The soba was cooked perfectly but I found that the toppings were uninspiring and the presentation slightly sloppy.

My friend was in general pleased with her meal except that the ingredients in the crab salad were minced so it was difficult to eat with chopsticks, eventually she gave up trying to pick at the last morsels.

For dessert she had the green tea icecream and I the black sesame icecream (I know I said it was cold... but black sesame is hard to come by). The texture of the black sesame icecream was more like a sorbet, very icy and light. The flavour was excellent, and I liked that they had partial sesame kernels still left in the icecream.

The bill came out to around $21 and I found I was still a little hungry but in general it was a disappointment as I've heard praises for Aki Da from many of my friends who live in the Beaches. All in all I don't think I will go back, there wasn't really anything memorable about it.

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  1. Nope, I didnt like my one and only experience there either. I have come to the conclusion that they're very skimpy on what they serve...

    1. The only thing I have ever had there was sushi and sashimi. It was good and generously cut. Certainly better than any AYCE place. The fish was nicely cut, fresh and pure in taste and smell and (most importantly) texture. But, the rice was a little densely formed and also a more than a little under seasoned. Prices a touch high for what you got too.

      In the neighbourhood I would certainly do Sushi Marche takeout before returning to Aki Da. Similar pricing, better quality based on even my worst experiences at Sushi Marche. Keep in mind that my opinion of Sushi Marche was slipped very considerably since its opening and I haven't been back in a few months. I plan to try it again in late Nov. for my birthday and see how things stand now.

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      1. re: Atahualpa

        Just about any non AYCE sushi restaurant should serve superior sushi to an AYCE restaurant, so I don't know if that says much.

        I did eat there a couple of years ago, and while the food was fine, it didn't make me want to go back.

        I preferred Akane-ya; however, the last time I went, things seemed to have slipped.

        I second your recommendation of Sushi Marche; with them in the 'hood, there's no reason to go anywhere else.

      2. Were the noodles in hiyashi chuka 'soba' as in buckwheat noodles, or were they flour noodles?

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        1. re: lilith

          well I was under the impression that it was supposed to be buckwheat, but they came out as what looked like pale yellow flour based noodles reminiscent of ramen

        2. We used to get delivery from them. The first two times were good (about two years ago), but the second two times (last year) were very disappointing. Given the price (we paid about $70 for delivery for two), we gave up.

          1. It's unfortunate, but it's very difficult to find ANY above average restaurants in the Beaches. There have been numerous threads on this. If you do find somewhere mentionable, please do, we're all hoping someone steps up to the plate, pardon the pun.

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            1. re: currycue

              We've had good luck with Yumei Sushi at 2116F Queen St. East. for years now, and never been disappointed. They have above average, consistently good food, and reasonable prices. The place has private booths and a roomette at the back seating 6 which we always book for Christmas Eve family dinner. I suggest you reserve - 416 698-7705.

              1. re: Bob Catt

                Yumei Sushi is a lovely place. Reserve a booth for a real treat, it's enclosed and gives you the feeling you're in your own room. The food is delicious and the prices are excellent. A nice night out for everybody.