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Oct 31, 2008 03:27 PM

The Oldest, Continuously Operating Eatery/Pub in Canada?

Your response may all province and territories prior to joining Confederation. Pics, comments, reviews and history would be entertaining.

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  1. The Only Seafood Restuarant is reportedly the oldest continuously running restaurant in Vancouver. 1911(?)


    1. The Wheat Sheaf Tavern on Queen Street in Toronto has been going strong since 1849.

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        It is actually on King Street West (at bathurst)

      2. By definition, there is only one "oldest." You should have framed your question more clearly.

        It took me about five seconds to google this:


        So there's your answer.

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          The modifier "continuously operating" is necessary because an establishment may have spent some years as another type of business or sat vacant and then been restored. Also, it may have been destroyed and rebuilt as may be the case with The Mansion House.

          The claim states that "Well, perhaps it didn't quite happen that way. We're not sure. Whether a building- and specifically, a public house - was standing on William Street near St. Paul in 1806 is speculation, too. We prefer to regard it as speculation with a historical basis. Early accounts of St. Catharines indicate that buildings on the street were levelled when fire swept through the town in 1859. If the Mansion House's ancestor was destroyed in that blaze, the owners must have convinced some builders into work triple time."

          Also, the claim is for "Oldest Continually Licenced Bar in Canada" doesn't make sense as we had prohibition in Ontario from 1916 to 1927.

          I'm willing to bet that food has been continuously served served at that location with brief interruptions since 1806. I'm thinking that there may be other Ontario candidates in St. Catharines itself, Kingston, Amherstburg, Niagara region and other Loyalist areas as well as the French settlements in Essex county. These places all have commercial structures from the late 1700's as does the GTA.

          And then of course, there are Quebec and the Maritimes

        2. What about the Angel Inn in Niagara-on-the-Lake? Looks like it's been around since 1789 or so...

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            Angel Inn was built, I think, in 1789, but was destroyed during the War of 1812 and rebuilt in 1816.

          2. The Seahorse Tavern in Halifax has been continuously operating since the late 40's, same name, same place.
            L'Auberge le Saint-Gabriel in Montreal is probably the oldest restaurant in Canada, started operations since the late 1600's, and is currently in the same building, but I don't believe it has been operating continuously since that time.
            I've been to both several times.