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Oct 31, 2008 01:08 PM

Dallas Visitor Seeks Great Wine List at Great Prices

Hi all - will be visiting Dallas for work and would like to get some recommendations on restaurants with great wine lists. Food wise tend to go for bisro style food - great food without pretension. I know Houston well and love Catalan and Ibiza for their fantastic wine lists which are close to retail pricing. Are there any restaurants in Dallas which have the same kind of wine list/pricing which Catalan and Ibiza do?

Thanks for the recommendations.

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  1. Check out Lola. Wine list is very reasonably priced.

    1. Great wine lists at affordable prices - with terrific food? What better for your asking than BYOB at Campania Pizza for undescribedly good pizza in uptown's West Village. Consistently rated high marks on other review sites (Google 'em). I love the one in Southlake. My personal favorite is the Basica salad: Underdressed with a vinegar a oil dressing over greens and cherry tomatoes with a garnish of Mozzerella and Parm. Pizza Margherita with Prosciutto.

      3800 McKinney Ave
      Ste 150
      Dallas, TX 75204
      (214) 780-0605

      One of Campania's rivals is CoalVines - which happens to sport an extensive wine list with bistro feel. Same style of pizza. I don't know your pricing scheme and I'm not familiar with the restuarants you named, so you can check out their pricing at:

      Also in uptown:
      2404 Cedar Springs Rd., STE 500
      Dallas, TX 75201

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        I second Donnaaries. Lola's pricing is surprisingly reasonable and the list is surprisingly deep. There are a lot of wines you don't see around very much and certainly not for that price on a restaurant wine list. In terms of selection and value, it probably has the best wine list in the Southwest. If you don't know wines that well or are on a budget, choose from the first page called "Van's Picks" or something like that. Can't go wrong with any of those.

      2. Lola has an excellent wine list and excellent food.

        For a more casual place, try The Grape on Lower Greenville. It's something of an east Dallas institution and a previous chef bought it last year and has truly reinvigorated it. Excellent food and good wines at a reasonable price.

        1. Lola has a very deep, very nice wine list with ridiculously reasonable prices that draws wine hounds from all over the country. Food is more upscale restaurant than bistro, but in the last year or so, lots of Spanish influences are creeping in.