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Oct 31, 2008 01:08 PM

Princeton area dinner

We are meeting with a colleauge who is in Newark, we are in the western suburbs of Philly and looking for a central-ish meeting place, preferrably easy to access from the main highways. We thought princeton would be nice, but are open to other areas. Any recommendations for a good restaurant in or near Princeton? Our colleauge is from out of town so we'd like to impress him (not as much with stuffy high end restaurant but a place with fantastic food and a great atmosphere). All cuisines are acceptable, sushi would be great. A good beer and wine list is a plus. Thanks!

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  1. I'm going to recommend Blue Bottle Cafe in Hopewell (relatively close to Princeton). It's a BYOB, but I had a wonderful meal there with my best friends earlier this year, and it has consistently received wonderful reviews on this site. Check out some of the previous posts on this board.

    1. Here's what I posted in another thread asking a similar question. All pretty much fit your request but note there's not a lot of impressive or fantastic food in Princeton and a lot of places are byob.

      In town:

      Witherspoon Grill - steaks; good atmosphere; OK food;

      Blue Point Grill - fish & seafood; byob; very busy; no res'vs; usually loud; awesome fish;

      Ferry House - american, byob; average atmosphere; interesting food.

      Out of town (15 min radius):

      Blue Bottle Cafe, Hopewell - american, byob; nothing spectacular atmosphere; excellent food;

      Eno Terra, Kingston - italian & winebar; newly opened; fantastic atmosphere; OK food;

      One 53, Rocky Hill - bistro; friendly atmosphere (close tables); very good food; request winecellar for semiprivate dining (two large communal tables);

      JL Ivy, Princeton - bistro, sushi; very good atmosphere; OK food; very good sushi;

      Acacia, Lawrence - american, byob; very good atmosphere; very good food;

      KC Prime, Lawrence - steaks; OK atmosphere; very good food;

      Ruth's Chris, Plainsboro - steaks ; very good atmosphere; very good food;

      To this list, I'd add a place that just opened ... elements. new american; excellent atmosphere; excellent food (reported by others);

      It's on 206 just north of the center of Princeton. We haven't had dinner their yet. Hope to this weekend and will report back on the elements thread on this board.