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Oct 31, 2008 12:30 PM

Best French Toast Recipe?

My boyfriend loves French toast for breakfast. I've never made it and have only eaten it once or twice. We're more into pancakes and waffles than French toast in my family. I'm looking for a good variation of it - preferably made with challah bread. Any suggestions?

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  1. I have a very simple recipe for French Toast.

    In a shallow dish:
    Use 1 egg per 2 slices of any kind of bread. I prefer challah or italian (best day old).
    Add some milk (to dilute egg),
    Season with salt (as used to season eggs) and cinnamon
    Mix with fork

    Dunk bread slices in egg mixture and cook on griddle pan sprayed with cooking oil.
    Flip as required for even cooking.
    Since we love cinnamon at my house, I usually sprinkle more cinnamon while cooks.

    Have fun.

    1. I whisk brown sugar into the beaten eggs, instead of cinnamon, and nothing else. Here's the part that makes this somewhat obscene: rather than griddle-frying, I fry the dipped slices in a deep skillet full o' butter-flavored shortening, turning and watching carefully, until it's golden brown all over. Drain briefly on paper towels, then serve with just butter and warm syrup. Yes - fat galore, I know - which is why we have this, maybe, once a year, for very special occasions.

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        A diner near me serves French toast that is fried like that. Once you put the syrup on, it's like candy. mmm

        To the OP, make sure the bread is stale. It's called 'pain perdu' in French, meaning lost bread because it is best with stale bread.

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          This sounds close to the French toast my Grandmother used to make us. No sugar or cinnamon in the egg mixture, tho. She'd use about 1/2 inch of vegtable oil in the pan, deep-frying the bread. SOO GOOD when I was younger.

          I haven't thought about making French toast in a -long- time. This thread is making me crave it something fierce! I love the idea of adding cardamom and brown sugar to the egg- it sounds heavenly.

          Egg nog French toast? SIGN ME UP!

        2. My recipe is basically the same as breadandcoffee's but I use vanilla as well. Mix in a teaspoon for each egg. Then I brown them in real butter and top with powdered sugar.

          Around the holidays, I will make french toast using store-bought eggnog.

          And why are my posts all of a sudden double spacing??

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            I also use eggnog nearer the holidays with either challah or pannetone.

          2. All of these sounds similar to what I do, but I also like to add a little orange zest to the soaking/dunking mixture when oranges are in season.

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            1. re: squidly

              I love the orange zest idea. Gonna try it.

              I put vanilla in with the eggs and milk and sugar and a pinch of salt. No cinnamon (might be good to sprinkle on top). Dipping the battered toast in corn flake crumbs before frying gives it a nice crispiness.

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                I really like this Grand Marnier French Toast recipe from Epicurious.


              2. Our favorite is made with brioche (butter makes everything better) and sometimes stuffed with cream cheese and blueberry mixture. A must is maple syrup but cooked down with wild blueberries, the blueberries help to colour the maple syrup and add texture and flavour.