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Oct 31, 2008 12:13 PM

Birthday Dinner - Great Food - Bergen County

Looking for a great place to go for 40th Birthday dinner with family (all adults) tomorrow night though! Bergen County.

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  1. don't know if you can get a reservations, but what about cafe panache in ramsey?

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    1. it should be noted that panache is BYOB.

      I'd go to Mantra (indian) in paramus, but that's just my latest obsession.

    2. Bacari Grill in Washington Township
      Dimora in Norwood is Amazing Northern Italian
      Oceanos in Fairlawn for Seafood
      El Cid in Paramus is not Fancy but the food is Great - Spanish/ Prime Rib
      Segovia in Moonachie for Spanish Good
      Valentino's In Parkridge is a family favorite

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        I will agree with all these suggestions.....with the exception of Dimora. Although I have never been, earlier this year Dimora was cited for some very serious health code violations and food handling practices. I am generally from the camp of.....what I do not know does not hurt me...but in this case the reports were disturbing, and since the bell has been rung, it cannot be forgotten and overlooked. Health code violations can be easily remedied, food handling practices usually cannot. The attitude of the kitchen is paramount and for the prices Dimora charges.....their product should be better. The reason why I am so harsh is the fact the owner whined in a newspaper follow-up that he did not deserve the violations and they were not a big deal.......I have a problem with that.

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          Really? I had not heard anything about this. My company uses them at least once a week for various lunches and dinners. We have never had any issue and were never aware of a problem that closed them down.

          1. re: NJfoodLover


            The restaurant was not closed from my recollection of the article I read. If my memory serves me correctly, the fines were a result of a subsequent re-inspection, after an initial " Conditional " rating was received and violations were cited. On the re-inspection,one violation cited, but was not limited to, it was found that the "Conditionally Satisfactory" placard issued on the previous inspection was not posted correctly as required. That in essence to me means the owner is/was hiding something/issues much larger. His deception is a serious character flaw alone....let not his bravado for being dismissive of the findings from the two health inspections....combining the two formulates my belief Dimora restaurant is questionable as a choice for superior dining.

            For the record, a conditional rating does not necessarily mean a kitchen is dirty and a restaurant should be avoided, but can merely mean a rating for issues to be corrected, such a a screen door must be closed, or food was not properly...labeled, dated and rotated in the refrigerator. Although the latter is considered a violation, some restaurants may prepare a certain amount of a menu item for a given day and never save it for the next day's service...and it is thrown out at the end of the night. If the health inspection is done on that particular day and the result is a finding of this mis-deed, the establishment could be cited under health codes and guidelines, but clearly in itself the action could be argued it would not be harmful to the dining public.

            I will try to find the old article with the comments made by the owner, which were made after the second re-inspection, but for now, here is the report of the two Conditionally Satisfactory ratings reported by the Bergen Record below:


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          If you're talking about more than six people, Bacari probably has the best atmosphere of the places mentioned here, as well as the most diverse menu.

          I also think The Park in Park Ridge would work, as well as Varka in Ramsey. Some of the others seem like they'd be too hushed.

          1. re: billpitcher

            Bacari can be hit or miss and I find it pretty unexceptional. But with a group perhaps it's not that important.

            Never been to Dimora, but Oceanos, El Cid, and Segovia are certainly not quiet places, and would be good for a group.

        3. Oceanos in Fair Lawn. Delicious dishes with great hospitality

          1. Agree with Mantra ,Oceanos, Rocca and all could handle small gtroups. Would add Varka in Ramsey to the mix. Havent been to panache in a few years but was impressed with food then, not sure how great it would be for a group though

            1. Thank You all for the response! Had not heard of Dimora in Norwood and we hail from OT. The Park is also a family favorite as well as Porquoi Pas in Westwood (too small for our group). We went with our stand by Restaurant X in Congers..Never disappoints and this was no exception. Don't usually eat so heavy but the Beef Wellington is heavenly. Light fare was great as well. Who doesn't love their version of Mac and Cheese (w/ a hint of Blue!)