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Oct 31, 2008 11:34 AM

Taffy Cookie Recipe

With the demise of Mother's Cookies, I wonder if anyone out there has a recipe which is a close approximation of Mother's Taffy Cookies?

They are my favorite store bought cookie! Aside from eating them straight out of the bag, I use them for my vanilla cheesecake crust and in 'Taffy Cookies & Cream' Ice cream.

Any input would be very much appreciated!


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  1. The Taffy Cookie may rise again!

    Kellogg buys Mother's Cake & Cookie Co.'s recipes
    Kellogg buys trademarks, recipes of Mother's Cake & Cookie Co.

    Picture of Mother's Taffy Cookies package

    1. Here's the reply I got from Kellogg -about bringing Taffy's back!

      Ms. Gassmann,

      Thank you for your inquiry regarding Kellogg Company and our recent acquisition of Mother's® Cookies. We are excited to inform you that we are working hard to bring your favorite cookies back to you this spring!

      Kellogg Company plans on reintroducing many of Mother’s® Cookies back into stores on the West coast by May, 2009. While we may not have all varieties of Mother's® Cookies available at that time, we are working on some of your favorites, like Mother's® Circus Animals, Mother's® Iced Oatmeal cookies, Mother's® Chocolate Chip cookies, Mother's® Coconut Cocadas®, Mother's® Macaroons, Mother's® Taffy Sandwich cookies, Mother's® English Tea cookies, Mother's® Double Fudge Sandwich cookies, Mother's® Vanilla Crème Sandwich cookies, and Mother's® Iced Lemonade cookies.

      Look for us on the web after May 1, 2009!


      James J. Warren
      Consumer Affairs Department

      1. Mother's Taffy Sandwich Cookies - Copycat recipe

        Mother's Vanilla Sugar Circus Animal Cookies - Copycat Recipe

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          Thank You Antilope, you are a ROCK STAR!