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Oct 31, 2008 11:03 AM

I'm looking for storage "bar stools" for my kitchen!

Hi all. I was looking for a couple of bar stools for my kitchen when I thought of this idea.

My kitchen is just about to bust with all of my stuff -- pots and pans, spices, different gluten-free flours, grains, legumes, condiments, etc. I thought that having bar stools with storage will hep me store a lot of the crap that I have. I probably won't be able to stuff my paella pan in it, but I can store a bunch of my flours and stuff so I actually have room to store my paella pan in the kitchen (There's not enough space between the top of my cabinets and ceiling to store it). I originally thought of tall kimchi pots (if it even exists) as it would be kind of funky and interesting. But kimchi jars don't really seem very comfortable to sit on (because they're cold, not because they're hard) unless I attach a cushion or something to lid.

I've found a lot of storage options that are a lot lower in height -- storage seats, storage ottomans. But I'm looking for something about 30" in height and that's sturdy enough to support a person.

Here is an example of what I'm talking about:

So I'm looking for a taller version of my above link -- square, circular -- doesn't matter. Anybody have any suggestions?

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  1. This idea really intrigued me! Are you very handy at making things? I came across these links which don't solve the problem, but could be good for brainstorming ideas...

    If you are willing to put some money into it, you could have it hand crafted. Perhaps find a student at Pratt, etc. In the spring SOFA will be in NYC...there will be some great furniture makers in that show!

    I really love the idea - dual purpose furnishings have always captivated me....

    edit: found this, combines sitting and cooking in one!

    1. Perhaps a "Mr Handyman" is in your future? ;-)

      Well, it would not be all that difficult to add/substitute some custom made legs to something already made. However, you may need to compensate by adding additional structural material (+maybe some skirting) to the lower base dimensions, to prevent your project from tipping over.

      See link

      Another place to conceal items is adding a storage box or adding under shelves to the dining table. (providing you have reasomable leg room)

      A good friend acquired a stair top table, previously used as a "store fixture" and modified the upper shelves to work in reverse order. Because it had a center fixed footprint he added outer legs to the top. He dealt with all the pre-drilled holes with the caps for everyday use and used a table cloth when he entertained.

      1. I've had some storage units made for me here in NYC per my specs that have been quite reasonable - I will try to remember the name of the place - it's on the UWS.

        1. i can't help you with a specific item but will offer some things to consider if you haven't already thought of them before. i would also suggest going to and submitting your question to them as you may get some good responses.

          if you do go about trying to alter something, keep in mind that at a 30" height it will be a virtually "solid" base and this will look quite heavy in your home and be very solid structure. at the least i would definitely not get anything with a backrest to level out the weight of it a bit. you will also need to make sure that there is a good spot for a foot rest as dangling your feet for any period of time can get uncomfortable.

          at that height as well you should consider something that has either the whole or only half the compartment opening from the side (rather than top) because trying to dig through something 30" deep when what you want is at the bottom will be quite frustrating.

          1. Thanks for all of your suggestions! Unfortunately, I'm not a very handy person and am hesitant about learning after all my DIY projects I ATTEMPTED when I was younger. I can come up with things but I don't have the know-how on how to execute them. As I live in an apartment, I didn't want to spend too much money on them as this is a temporary residence and may not fit in my permanent residence. My furniture is on the contemporary side, and ranges from designer pieces to DH's old futon frame from grad school that we sleep on (it fits perfectly in our space) and everything in between.

            Perhaps hiring a student could be economical. MMRuth, I'll gladly take the name of the UWS folks. And pinstripe, you make a very good point about it looking quite heavy for a height of 30" and about the access of storage. I was thinking that perhaps stools in a lighter color would lighten it up a bit and not look as oppressive. And as I won't really need access to these items very often I think that one opening on top would be OK. And I'll submit this on apartment therapy. Thanks a lot everyone!

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              I'm still trying to remember the name - it's five years ago and my brain is five years older too!