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Oct 31, 2008 09:23 AM

Best buffet in Vegas? [Moved from Elsewhere in America]

I'm heading to Las Vegas next month, and would like some tips on the best buffets. I will have no car and will be staying on the south strip. I was last in Vegas in 2003, so I would really like some info on the quality of the buffets at the newer resorts (Wynn, Planet Hollywood, etc) that did not exist back then. Also like to hear about any tried-and-true buffets that have been around for a while and still are worth trying. We'll likely have a couple of breakfast buffets and one dinner buffet -- wouldn't mind having a nice sit-down moderately-priced dinner during our stay too. Thanks for any help!!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Soooo sorry you won't have a car, but you can always hop the shuttle from the Strip. I’m a San Francisco “foodie” who worked in Vegas for 1-1/2 years and LIVED at the Buffets. To stretch my dollar I bought a light breakfast from the grocery store and ate my main meal at lunch.

      Even the local folk agree that the BEST buffet in Vegas is at Red Rock Resort and Casino. I found the food to be on par with the Wynn for 1/3 the price and still have a high end ambiance. Red Rock also offers $2.00 discounts at their buffet if you sign up for their slot machine card (which is free.) If you watch "Hell's Kitchen" or "Kitchen Nightmares", Chef Ramsey has a restaurant at this resort. If you go, check out the bathroom; it's a freakin' spa.

      If you want to wait in line forever and pay more, go to Bellagio's buffet. Unlike the Wynn they’re not worth the wait in line.
      Surprisingly Caesar’s Palace Buffet is excellent with a soothing high end ambiance, but their selection is limited compared to other buffets.
      Mandalay Bay has good food and ambiance with slightly higher prices.
      Planet Hollywood sucked.
      Riviera and Excalibur-You’ll regret that you walked through the door.
      MGM's food was nothing special and their ambiance was VERY disappointing especially for the $$.
      Treasure Island and The Mirage's food are above average with an upscale cafeteria vibe. Great place to take kids.
      Paris has a HUGE selection of very good food. The dessert selection is crazy, but the ambiance is kinda dark and like Disneyland.
      Rio is noisy, but the food, $$ and ambiance is great. Desserts are CRAZY. This is the Buffet Opah visited on her ride across USA. Unfortunately you need a car for access.
      Green Valley Resort also requires a car, but it has great food selection and ambiance at a cheap price. The only drawback was the cigarette smoke from nearby slot machines.

      I know I've gone on and on about "ambiance", but trust me once you arrive at the airport you will be assaulted with the non-stop ringing of slot machines. I found a break from the chaos necessary.

      There are also half price ticket booths where you can buy discounts to shows (Ice and American Storm are my favorites) and some buffets. The BEST freebie on the strip: Feeding time for the lions at MGM. Have a great time.

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        Years ago, you could catch a free shuttle to/from the Rio at a stop on the strip in front of a strip mall just a few blocks from the intersection of the street that leads to the Rio. Just look for a bunch of ordinary folk standing around a parking lot. BTW: the Rio buffet was enormous, but I couldn't find a single thing worth eating, but then I'm not a buffet-kind of person (I didn't like anything I liked at Bellagio, either) so it could just be me.

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          I think there's a free shuttle to the Rio from Harrah's or at least if you check within Harrah's they will know. The shuttle is mentioned on the list of hotels for the Harrah's stop on the monorail. Not that I ever need to go to the Rio, for some reason that hotel just hits me the wrong way.

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          Thanks for the great comments! Is there much of a seafood selection (crab legs, lobster, shrimp, fish, scallops) at the Red Rock buffet? There prices look too good to be true, if in fact their buffet is at par with Bellagio's or Wynn's.

        3. We should move this post back to the Elsewhere in America board. Vegas has evolved so far beyond buffets that it amazes me that they still exist as a dark part of Vegas past that won't seem to go away. I guess as long as there are people who value excess (despite mediocrity) the hotels will continue to lay out feed in the troughs we know as buffets.

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            This (the Southwest) board is the appropriate forum to discuss Las Vegas.

          2. As a local, I think Red Rock has a very good buffet. However, I disagree that it is on par with the Wynn. The food at the Wynn is better in terms of quality, variety and freshness.

            1. the wynn is by far, hands down, the best in all of vegas. it's also kinda pricey though.

              when not on the strip and depending on which part of the valley i'm in then it's either red rock casino or green valley ranch resort. they both offer the best value.

              when i wanna go cheap i'll go with the buffet inside the luxor. i don't know if it's so much the food or that i feel like i'm dining in the set of an indiana jones movie but what ever it is i always enjoy my experience there.