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Oct 31, 2008 09:21 AM

Share Your Favorite Brussels Sprouts Recipe

I made brussels sprouts for the first time the other night, and I really enjoyed them! I served them with wild rice and chicken breasts stuffed with mushrooms. I would love to make them for a Thanksgiving side dish and am curious if any of you have great recipes to share.

When I made mine, it was quite simple. I quartered them, tossed them with sliced onions, olive oil, salt & pepper and roasted. I added a bit of wine at the end and they ended up browned, nutty and a bit caramelized. Delish!

I think this vegetable is probably best served simple, but if anyone has any stand-out recipes I would love to give them a try! Extra points for any recipe that is great at room temperature or cold.


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  1. Brussels sprouts with bacon is a great side dish. I just kind of make it up as I go along (i.e. par boil sprouts, fry bacon - maybe add onions and/or garlic and fry in bacon fat - put drained - maybe halved or quartered - sprouts in fry pan and finish cooking sprouts through - don't overcook sprouts!). It tastes good room temp, but prob not cold. Here's a recipe found from Google - not tried it but it's along the same lines:

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      I second the bacon. I do basically the same except I add cocktail onions and grated parmesan. I love to roast them also, sometimes adding carrots and whole garlic cloves.

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        I also second the bacon, but I try to use pancetta instead. Garlic, no onions, salt and pepper, finish with the crispy pancetta bits on top.

      2. I absolutely love brussel sprouts. I can take them just steamed with salt and pepper. They make a great snack cold. A little butter adds lots of positive flavors.

        My most recent favorite way to prepare is to shred them with a mandoline and saute with shallots and butter. Fantastic results with shredding. I've had my guests comment they had no idea they were eating brussel sprouts and loved the dish. These were brussel sprout haters as well.

        I have read that there can be good results with frozen sprouts. I have tried them and can say that I prefer fresh but if you thaw in the fridge and then cook them with a little chicken stock and butter and allow the stock to reduce to a glace and the sprouts to cook enough to become very tender that they become little ball of melt in your mouth goodness.

        I have never been a fan of frozen brussel sprouts but this works pretty well. My favorite way to prepare is still shredded or fresh and steamed but this works well too.

        1. I recently had a brussels sprouts salad w/bacon and eggs (hb) -- amazing! How'd they do that?

          1. I've made this recipe from the San Francisco Chronicle a few times. The only one who doesn't like it is my husband ;-)

            But really what could go wrong with a bit of maple syrup?


            1. I roast them as you do -- minus the onions -- and add freshly grated nutmeg. The nutmeg is wonderful with the sprouts.

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                I second roasting - nut meg sounds interesting - I just keep it simple a little olive oil and kosher salt and black pepper to taste