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Oct 31, 2008 08:52 AM

Jewish-Style Deli Platters?

A friend of mine who lives in Brooklyn Heights has an annual Channukah party and usually orders deli platters from Junior’s. He likes that it’s one-stop-shopping for the works, from the pigs in a blanket to the mini Danish. But last year the deli meats were really bad: dried out, no flavor, you could barely tell the difference between the roast beef and the pastrami. And the bread was stale.

Can anyone recommend another source for Jewish-style deli platters that will deliver to Brooklyn Heights so I don’t have to suffer through another year of Junior’s dreck?

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  1. I've only been once, but I thought this place was good and they do platters:

    1. How about Fairway? I don't know if they deliver to BH, but it's worth a call. Pretty good platters, and definitely good meats, etc.

      1. Erica made a good rec. Mill Basin has some good stuff BUT I believe they are Kosher so be preparedto pay quite a bit more more than you would for "Jewish style" catering.
        If you're going to go for Kosher platters, We've had very good catering experiences with Adelman's Kosher Deli, but ONLY the one on Kings Highway, oddly enough NOT the one located in Boro Park where the meat was often dried out and the bread often stale.
        Unlike a few other Kosher catering places we've dealt with, we've found them to be very friendly and helpful. They set everything up for you, have always been on time and never forget anything. I don't know if they have a web site, but here's a link to their Menu,
        If you call them I'm sure they'll mail/fax you the menu as well. :-}

        1. Lassen & Hennigs on Montague ( did a nice job for the Kiddush lunch after my daughter's bat mitzvah. It was dairy/fish, not meat, so I can't vouch for their cold cuts. But there was tons of food and people were raving about the tuna salad. They deliver and the catering people were a pleasure to deal with.

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            Great rec! I LOVE Lassen & Hennigs! Their food is so fresh and delicious. They make all sorts of great pasta and other types of salads salads and their deli sandwich platters are wonderful. Even their breads and cakes are good. They do a professional set up as well and I agree: The staff is very nice. They do a lot of business lunch catering for us. Without fail, someone always asks us who we used to supply the food..
            That having ben said,, unless the OP is going with the idea, I don't think their catering could be considered "Kosher style." But It would certainly be worth the OP's time to check with them

          2. Thank you, all. I passed on to my friend all the recommendations you've given me and he just called to tell me that he's decided to go with Mill Basin. He said that Mill Basin, perhaps surprisingly, was in about the same price range as Junior's and that Lassen & Hennigs was quite a bit more expensive. Also, Mill Basin had more of the type of meat platters and sides that he was looking for and said they were wonderfully accommodating on the phone. Party isn't until the end of December, but now I'm looking forward to the food as well as the company. Thanks again.

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              Thanks so much for letting us know what you guys decided. So often Posters ask for suggestions, recs, etc and we never get to know what happens. I hope you'll be able to post back to let us know how things turned out.
              I think you'll have a great experience with Mill Basin. They've been around for a long time and should do a great job.
              It's true that L & H , while outstanding, is costly. I didn't realize they would be more expensive than a Kosher Deli.
              I hope you all have a wonderful time! :-}