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Oct 31, 2008 08:40 AM

Thanksgiving Dinner in Philly/Jersey area?

Looking for a classy but reasonably priced restaurant place to have Thanksgiving turkey dinner for my family in Philly or South/Central Jersey area. We tried 656 Ocean in Deal, N.J. last year and found it to be very nice but a bit too expensive. Any ideas?

P.S. Anyone know about Klapholz's In Philly and whether they're planning on serving in house at the Y.I. or only take out?

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  1. I would imagine takeout only. The shul is not really set up for any kind of regular restaurant. I'm not even sure where they plan on setting up in the shul for takeout.

    If you're on that side of town I would check out Max and David's. I know they've at least done takeout for Thanksgiving in the past. They might have eat in also.