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Oct 31, 2008 08:17 AM

Dinner before Celtics game tonight?

We're going to the Celtics game tonight and would like to grab a bite to eat beforehand. Is there anywhere good right around the garden (without venturing into the North End) where we can grab a casual dinner? The last Bruins game we went to we hit the Harp for dinner and I'd rather not repeat. Thanks! :)

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  1. Beacon Hill is within walking distance, and there are a few good restaurants around there. 75 Chestnut, Artu on Charles Street, King and I, also on Charles Street, and Harvard Gardens on Cambridge Street are all decent spots. Or you could hit Villa Mexico at Grampy's Gas on Cambridge Street and enjoy some good Mexican food if you don't mind eating outside.

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      They actually do have a tiny counter in there that you can use to eat in @ villa mexico

    2. If you're looking for simple, Grand Canal, located appropriately on Canal Street, does a great burger. Out of all the bars in the area, this one is my favorite for a few beers and a burger before the game. Tends to be a lot less crowded then most of the other places around there too.

      1. The Grotto on the backside of Beacon Hill is very close about 5-10 minute walk to Garden and very good.

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          LOVE Grotto but we were looking for something quick and burgerish. Thanks!

        2. I'd recommend Johnnie's on the Side, right on Portland St (Where Anthem used to be). It's ridiculously close to the Garden, plus you could do the burger thing or the more complicated entree thing. And make sure to get the honey margarita!

          1. Try the Four's. Good burgers and sandwiches. My favorite buffalo chicken nachos.