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Truffles w/ pasta for Saturday night! Help!

Need high-end restaurant for tomorrow night where truffles will be served.

Please advise quick!


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            Nello's is the only Italian resto that's been mentioned. Don't go there. The few times I've been have been uno rip-off. Try A Voce, Alto,Piano Due, Bice, and one time for themost truffle for the least liras Roberto Passon, not as fancy as the others but good value.

            1. re: PAULSCOHEN

              op did not request italian, only pasta and truffles

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                hi intrepid i was just pointing out that no italian restos were mentioned. i thought it would be appropriate since the tartufo d'alba, are from the piedmont area of italy. and the blog did mention pasta.

          2. I don't know if Perilla is high end enough for you, but they currently have a black truffle and sheep milk ricotta ravioli entree for 24 dollars that my husband loved.


            1. At this time of the year if you are doing truffles (e.g. high end) you should definitely do white truffles
              EMP has white truffle from Alba with potato gnocchi on their menu. ($120 Supplement)

              Le Cirque and Picholine are al great suggestions.

              Both A Voce and Del Posto offer white truffle pasta in the winter every year, so you should call to check them out.

              1. Alto will shave white truffles on any dish for a mere $150!! Had dinner here last night (no truffles) and was disappointed.

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                  It was perhaps a year ago and may have been a special of the night, but I had a pasta dish at Cesca (W 75th & Amserdam) with white truffles that was fabulous, somewhere in the $140 region. Might want to give them a call before heading out to see if they still have it.

                2. Babbo has a couple of truffle specials on their menu at the moment ($80 - $120). Just had dinner there on Wednesday night. They will also do an off-the-menu truffle tasting for you as well ($300), if you are so inclined. Enjoy! :)