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New Paggi House?

I realize that there have been multiple attempts at the Paggi House, but this one looks promising. I was wondering if anyone has tried it out since they relaunched?

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  1. haven't been there yet, but on my way soon. Tom and Tori of Cork & Co are managing it now, so that's incentive enough for me!

    my brother checked it out last weekend. he highly recommends the atmosphere and suggests the rack of lamb for the main course...

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      the deck is AMAZING! you really should go just to see THAT.... went yesterday for some drinks and appetizers. the cheese plate there was excellent, absolutely one of the best i've had in town. the wine selection is very good, but considering tom's involved, i'm not really shocked. tried some of the chanterelle-leek risotto that came with the quail and it was outstanding...

      really do recommend giving it a try, at least to lounge on that deck...

      tom said they're only open for dinner right now tues-sat, but will start offering brunch fairly soon...

    2. I sent two co-workers there for dinner this week and they did nothing but rave about how great it was. So that is a good sign.

      1. I went to the Paggi House last night with my boyfriend and another couple. Nothing but good things to say. First, reserved online and was confirmed by phone within 24 hours. Second, they called me back a few hours before to ask me if I wanted the better table that opened up...who does that? Complimentary valet parking...at the end of the night they get your car when you pay your bill, and on a cold night will keep it warm for you. :)

        Service was some of the best service I have had in Austin. We sat there for 3 hours...never felt rushed, bothered, or hurried. Server was top notch. I'd pay for that alone. Music, atmosphere, table, everything was first-class.

        The food was delicious. I had a bet arugula salad, the lobster bisque, and the NY Strip. Everything was exactly exactly the way it should have been. My only complaint is that i wanted more soup!!!!! The specialty drink menu is fun, too.

        The desserts are kind of strange...tasty, but a little out there...

        I would go back tonight if I wasn't stuffed. :)

        1. How about accessibility? Twenty five years of inconclusve reports kept me away from the Paggi House. I'd like to know whether my wife and I could enjoy the food and the facility.
          Are wheelchair users welcome?

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            As someone who designs ADA accessible facilities all day long, I can assure you that If it's new construction, or "significantly remodeled", then it's ADA accessible. Or the City won't let them open until it does pass inspection (which includes ADA compliance).

            That said, I don't know if the New Paggi house is still in the same location or if it's a new location. Or if they've significantly remodeled. Chances are it has been significantly remodeled since the ADAAG in ... 1991 or so. You could always call them. Most people here wouldn't know how to determine if it's ADA accessible or not.


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              i know that there is a lift that can take you up to the deck (to the far right of the stairs if you're facing them from the ground level). but not sure if it's in working order or not. sorry for the somewhat useless information... i'd just give 'em a call though...

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                I was there a couple of weeks ago and it was in working order (the lift, that is).

                I've been for happy hour a couple of times now and have been suitably impressed. They have half price wine by the glass and bar menu from 5-7, I think everyday. I've only had wine and the cheese plate, but it's a really, really great cheese plate. Might be the best I've had in Austin actually. Small amounts of many cheeses along with fruit and nuts and honey.

                I can't wait to try it for dinner!

            2. I have been there for dinner twice within the last week. Had both the Elk and Seabass, both were outstanding. Service was great, drinks were great.

              1. I was just there last week for happy hour. The bar munchies are half price and so is a nice selection of wines (didn't pay attention to beer prices or other cocktails). We had a delicious!! cheese plate. The remodel is fantastic. Paggi hasn't looked this good in decades. One of the owners, Tori, stopped by to see how we liked our cheese plate and chat with us.

                There is an wheelchair lift although I've never seen it used. It was installed just before Paggi closed 2 years ago and underwent a change in ownership & remodel. I'm certain that it must be in working condition as the only other entry is up a steep set of steps.

                I'm going again soon for dinner.

                1. No so sure about the new Paggi House. Went this Friday for a happy hour drink. It was a beautiful night so I thought their deck would be perfect. I was let down. We were warmly greeted and shown outback, but to a white table-clothed table as the lounges were occupied. There was an older couple enjoying what looked like a fancy night out as he was in a bow-tie. The service seemed good until they tried to "auction-off" the couples' apps on our table. If I were to be having dinner there paying those prices I certainly would want my apps to be delivered to the right table and to the correct people sitting at the table. The music was that of a Miami night club and the scene to match, other than that older couple, who just looked out of place. It just did not have that cool, come-as-you-are Austin vibe I was hoping for. We quickly finished our drinks and headed somewhere more Austinish.

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                    "headed somewhere more Austinish."

                    Whazzat mean?

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                      Austinish: The quality of being like Austin, or Austin of old...the definition changing depending on when one got here or was born. Typically, this means outdoor option seating, low prices, casual dress, live music, and lots of alcohol. This could be something like Shady Grove, one of many Mexican places in town, Artz Rib House. Romeo's, Zax, etc. In this case, it may mean something more like the old Paggi House and not this version.

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                        You forgot to mention the words "birkenstock", "terminex bug", and "lackadaisical service"..... all oft associated with "austinish", as was "arm pit hair". I'll agree... Paggi House has changed, and now has a chance of satisfying a somewhat more ambitious diner.

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                          "The music was that of a Miami night club and the scene to match..."

                          That's not Austinish, if that's what it was like I wouldn't like that either.

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                          "headed somewhere more Austinish."

                          Ah , I see. Also like showing up to eat at a place like Zoot's in short, t-shirt and sandals.

                    2. Went to Paggi House tonight for the first time and it was wonderful. Four of us shared appetizers, then had salads and dessert. The apps were all delicious.

                      Carpaccio was melt-in-your-mouth tender with big beef but not too strong of a flavor.
                      Cheese plate had small portions of six cheeses and the honeycomb perfectly complemented the blue cheese (could have used more toast)
                      Bruschetta featured a generous amount of cheese to spread on and a small crock of roasted cherry tomatoes that were still juicy and perfectly fresh tasting.
                      Tenderloin brochette was tender and had a real pow! of flavor and was accompanied by a delicious sauce and peppery arugula salad
                      Crab cakes had big lucious chunks of crab and were well seasoned. They were fab despite the presence of red pepper (boo!)
                      The arugula salad with roasted beets was good but not a knockout. The heirloom tomato salad looked fanstastic but I didn't taste it.
                      Strawberry shortcake's berries were delightful, but as a whole it wasn't a standout and the peach sorbet that accompanied it didn't compliment it well, to my taste.
                      Bread pudding was delicious and came with berries. We got vanilla ice cream instead of espresso ice cream. I'd like to have it again with the "right" ice cream, even though the vanilla was fine.
                      Peach melba was also wonderful, the peaches were perfect and the almond cake was light and delicious
                      German chocolate tartlette was a triumph, with a thick, dark ganache and sweet, salty deep caramel ice cream.

                      The service was excellent, warm and friendly, attentive but not pushy. It far exceeded the service I had at Trio (yep, still bitter about Trio). This was one of the best dining experiences I have had in Austin, hands down. I'm looking forward to going back for Sunday brunch! And for dinner.

                      Note to the person who asked about handicapped access: They have an elevator, but it's broken (apparently despite numerous attempts at repair). One of my group has physical limitations; she made it up the stairs to get in, but needed an easier way out. She was graciously escorted out a back entrance that has no stairs - it does entail a street pick up or drop off. So call ahead and I'm sure they will accommodate your needs.

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                        We went there, the other night. It is a great dining experience. Service with quite good and the food (excluding the appetizer) was quite exquisite, we will be back.

                        My main complaint is the wine list. beyond the expensive by the glass wines theer are very few options bellow $70, that's just strange.

                      2. I went with a group of nine for brunch at Paggi House today and left with no dount that it is now my favorite restaurant in Austin. The table was set up as a large square so all of us could see and talk to each other, our server Kelly was attentive and personable, and the food was delicious. As was mentioned in other posts and consistent with my previous visit, the service was not rushed, but not lax. When we made the reservation we told them that we were a family celebrating three birthdays and a college graduation, and after the entrees, Kelly told us that the restaurant had something for us and brought out a big dessert sampler plate with three desserts. Then he brought a $20 gift card for each celebrant. I have never had a restaurant do anything like that. I was blown away by the generosity of this gesture.

                        Tom made the rounds to each table while we were there and adjusted the volume of the music and the thermostat (we were in the "cold corner" of the restaurant).

                        This is a beautiful place with fine service and fine food (and free valet parking!). I simply cannot recommend it highly enough.

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                          Hey Ashforth:Sounds great.Can you expand on "the food was delicious".Spare no details,blow by blow from apps through dessert,break it all down.I'm curious.