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Oct 31, 2008 07:22 AM

7 nights/xmas week

I've been reading through tons of old posts here and am ready for some help! We are coming for a week in december (me, husband and teen daughter), will be there over xmas eve and day, staying at the Windsor Court. My list includes:


Commanders Palace for lunch
Central Grocery for muffaleta
EAT for lunch
Casamento's for lunch

Given that I have 11 restaurants listed and 7 nights, which ones would you remove. Also I realize our options for xmas day are limited. Would you recommend doing a Revellion Menu on xmas day or going somewhere else that does not offer one? So far, Luke is the only place on my list that seems to be open on xmas day. Perhaps that will change as we get closer? The restaurant in the Windsor is open, but I've read many negatives here about it so think we might want to steer clear.
Any help is appreciated, this is our first trip to NO, thought we'd go somewhere new and your city was the winner!
Thanks for any advice.

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  1. To me, Luke sounds like a fun place for Christmas dinner. Maybe give them a call and see what they have planned for the meal, I'm confident it would be better than Windsor Court. Definitely make a reservation pretty soon.

    Of your 11 listed restaurants, you could probably throw 7 darts and be perfectly happy with the results. In my opinion, the three most interesting are MiLa, Iris, and Patois. You might be interested in checking out Gautreau's.

    If you have a free lunch spot on Fri, Sat, or Sun, look into Martinique. Definitely stick with Casamento's, but all ahead and check their holiday hours.

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    1. re: uptownlibrarian

      ditto on Martinique Bistro with its beautiful courtyard and even better food.

      for Revellion dinners, Gumbo Shop has theirs priced at $28, a steal. I've had the one at Rib Room before and it is outstanding. I've also heard the Hunt Room at the Monteleone does a nice one as well. you can click on the menus here:

      1. re: uptownlibrarian

        Thanks...I checked out the Martinique website and added it to my list...looks great!

      2. I'm going on Christmas too! I've been looking, and Tujagues has a Christmas Day menu as well.

        Since it's your 1st'll also want to make it to Acme Oyster House! Amazing oysters in a casual/fun atmosphere.

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          1. re: N.O.Food

            I've wondered. Mainly, it was the lack of comments, that caught my attention. Decades ago, when we lived in NOLA, we had many really good meals there, but that was then - this is now. I was even tempted to post a question on whether they were still viable or not. You have confirmed my suspicions.


        1. Check the Revillion menus. They should be online at when they are released or MiLa has a 3 course lunch for $20. August, Cuvee, Rambla, Bayona and Herbsaint are also open for lunch (check days for each venue). Some have different and/or limited menus which in some cases doesn't represent the same dining experience you will get at dinner. Cochon's menu is the same lunch and dinner as is Rambla's.. Don't forget to go to Christmas in the Oaks in City Park. See if the Rib Room is serving on Christmas. It's in the Omni Royal Orleans. Thanks for coming and enjoy!

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          1. re: JazzyB

            I already posted this, but if you missed it:
            for menus for Reveillon

            and isn't it called Celebration in the Oaks? ;-
            Ralph's on the Park is a great place to imbibe or graze before or after the walking tour.

            1. re: edible complex

              I did see the Reveillon menus that you posted before, thanks, My question about the Reveillon was specifically about xmas is something that is recommended, or would we be better off somewhere that does not do the Reveillon menu, but just a regular menu. It didn't seem as though any of the places on my list (other than Luke) were open on xmas day, or at least they were not on the Reveillon list.
              Thanks for the Celebration in the Oaks link...looks like fun!

              1. re: sibeats

                most places offering Reveillon menus also offer their regular menu too. you are not obligated to order the Reveillon, but it usually offers a nice menu of specials not normally found and at a nice price. Reveillon is celebrated for a few weeks, not just Christmas Day.

                1. re: edible complex

                  Oh okay, I'm just a little confused here, being a NO newbie and all. Thanks for the clarification!
                  Now regarding my list of dinner restaurants in general, are there some you would cross off that list? I need to whittle and they all sound so good!

              2. re: edible complex

                It used to be called Christmas in the Oaks. Political correctness ended that title, and Celebration in the Oaks was born.

                Excellent list Sib. If I were to recommend you remove certain restaurants, it would be on the grouns that they don't serve local "new orleans" fare or some variation thereof. Therefore, I'd take off Rambla and Iris. Both are really good, but you can get the food they serve elsewhere.

                1. re: N.O.Food

                  Good to know. I've also read a few negative reviews of Rambla here lately. That coupled with the fact that Tapas places are readily available at home makes me ready to cross that one off. What about Gautreau's? Is that recommended? Not that I need more choices!

                  1. re: sibeats

                    I've been to Rambla twice now, the second time just last night, and I like the food just fine. The service has also been acceptable. The problem for you is that it's a tapas joint. You can get that elsewhere. Unfortunately, I haven't been to Gautreau's since before Katrina, so I can't say firsthand whether or not it's good. I can say, however, that everyone I know who has been has raved about it. I also know their chef is receiving all sorts of critical acclaim. As a result, I would say that it's a safe bet that you'll have an excellent meal at Gautreau's. But it's all hearsay coming from me.

                    1. re: N.O.Food

                      I will be to NO for my second time starting Christmas day for 4 nights. the places I have found to be open on actual X-Mas Day are Dominiques, Luke, the Rib Room and Bombay Club. Dominiques is right in Maison Dupuy which is where we are staying and I have heard very little about it, so any opinions would be be appreciated btw, I heard negative-mixed things about Bombay, Luke looked to casual for my X-Mas day dinner taste. I think for food mixed with ambiance, from the few things Ive heard, the front runner is Rib Room for now. So, Im with Sib as to any other restaurants open on the day would be appreciated.

                      1. re: secondsplz

                        There are a ton of places that are open on xmas day with the Reveillon menus...there is a list at
                        There are definitely some good choices there as well, but none from my original list of places we'd like to go. The menu at Martinique looked especially appealing to me, but I haven't made any reservations yet...still looking!

            2. Sibeats,

              Unfortunately, I would go with ones that I have experience with, and eliminate the ones, at which I have not dined. What happens then, is that great restaurants get eliminated, only because I do not know them. That is not fair to you, nor is it fair to those restaurants.

              Now, if you can get recs. from people, who have dined at all, you will be ahead of the game. I will state that of the restaurants on your list, that I have dined at, are really good ones, and I would not hesitate to recommend these to you. Still, there are several, that I have just not made it to.

              One thing that I would suggest is to make your reservations early - as early as is possible, since some places are still under-staffed, and you're talking Holidays here.

              As for some of the negatives on the old Grill Room at the Windsor Court - well, they overwhelmed me at the New Olreans Grill (same general space, but totally redone and for the better). Read my latest review, and judge for yourself. Had my earlier review not been based on my personal experiences, I would be asking "what wine goes with crow?" I have to say that they have completely turned that operation around, in my eyes. Years ago, they got an F-. This time, it was a solid A, with only the slightest marks off of perfect. They are not cheap, but they earned their "value" with me on last dining. It was a lovely "dress-up" occasion for us - elegant and gracious, with wonderful food and worthy service. Times have definitely changed, and for the better. If you do dine there, I hope that you have the same excellent meal, that we did.

              Most of all, enjoy!


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              1. re: Bill Hunt

                Thanks for your response. Based on your latest experience at the Windsor Grill, we've decided to have our xmas day meal there. Figured it would be more festive than Luke, so we'll stop in there for lunch another day.
                I've read a few recent not so great reviews of MiLa, and we are now reconsidering going there. Do you think we should cross that one off?
                What is everyone's opinion of Cuvee?
                At this point we have dinner reservations at August, Stella and Herbsaint. Lunch reservations at Cochon, Luke and Commanders Palace.
                Iris, Bayona and Patois are all very high on my list for dinner. Any other thoughts? Thanks!

                1. re: sibeats

                  I'll be arriving Christmas Day.

                  Here's what I've found is open:

                  Open Christmas Day
                  5 Fifty 5
                  La Cote Brasserie
                  New Orleans Grill
                  Café Adelaide
                  Rib Room
                  Tujague's Restaurant
                  La Louisiane
                  Bistro @ Maison de Ville

                  Reveillon Christmas Day
                  Bombay Club
                  Paillard's Restaurant
                  Ristorante Carmelo

                  Open Table - available w/in 2 hours of 4PM
                  La Cote Brasserie
                  Ruth's Chris
                  Wolfe's in the Warehouse

                  Open last year, assume there'll be an updated list this year
                  7 on Fulton
                  Besh Steakhouse
                  Chateau Sonesta Hotel Dining Room
                  Crystal Room
                  Hotel Inter-Continental
                  Maple Cafe
                  Maple Street Cafe
                  Monteleone Hotel Le Cafe
                  Radisson Hotel

                  I haven't decided on a place yet, am leaning towards not spending lots of money on this meal given that restaurant staff can't be too excited about working on Christmas.

                  1. re: hobbes404

                    We are sticking with the Windsor Grill for xmas day...we are staying at that hotel and figured it would just be easier and hopefully tasty. Now I'm just trying to pin down our other 6 nights!

                  2. re: sibeats

                    I've done reviews within the last year on all, except Herbsain, Luke, Patois and Commander's.

                    I think that MiLa would have scored more highly over-all, had the one extra-loud group been hidden in the parking garage. The food, the wine and the service were very good. We'd definitely dine there again. They would not be crossed off my list.

                    Same for Cuvée. My wife's entrée was the one really weak spot, even with an attempt by the chef to make it right. Still, they scored heavily on the other dishes, the wine and the service. The room is very accommodating.

                    Only problem that I had with Restaurant August was the wine pairings with the tasting menu. Everything else was great to excellent.

                    Nah, looks like a bunch of good choices to me. The restaurants that I have not recently reviewed, have been getting some great comments, so I have no reason to think they would be less.

                    Enjoy, and isn't it nice to have more really good restaurants, than days to enjoy them?


                2. From personal experience, as well as a few recent posts I have read, I'd do MiLa and Cochon for lunch instead of dinner.

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                  1. re: mrsfury

                    We are definitely doing Cochon for lunch. At this point I do have a dinner res at MiLa, but as you said, after reading some recent posts, I may cancel it and do Cuvee or Bayona instead. Or Gautreau' many choices, so little time!