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Oct 31, 2008 07:08 AM

Berkeley Hounds in DC -- recommendations? what's missing off this list?

We're visiting DC the second week of December . . . we need suggestions for three dinners, two lunches and one brunch.

On our own, we've come up with a list of possible places, which (alphabetically) include:

-- BistroBis
-- Blue Duck Tavern
-- CityZen
-- Cork
-- Dino
-- Jaleo
-- Proof
-- Mendocino Grille & Wine Bar
-- Sonoma Wine Bar (what is it with DC and California names???)
-- Vidalia

Obviously the list is already too long, but any we should add? drop? reconsider?

Thanks in advance for your help/suggestions/opinions . . .


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  1. Brunch: Tabard Inn for charm, and the hot doughnuts
    Lunch: Ben's Chili Bowl and Market Lunch for the history
    Dinner: Komi, Becks or PS 7, and City Zen

    If you can travel to VA: consider Rays Hellburgers for lunch and Restaurant Eve and 2941 for dinner.

    1. BDT - yes

      CityZen - Yes

      Restaurant Eve - Yes, and DONT miss the cocktails from Todd Thrasher

      Komi - YES

      1. sonoma and proof are standouts, make sure to visit both if there are oenophiles in your group. I think proof has better food and menu than sonoma, but also is more crowded and loud. i think the food at jaleo is inconsistent and it's not one of my favorites, but it's small plates and good for groups.
        i would also consider adding brasserie beck, central and zola. also, the washington post recently released their main food critic's fall favorites dining guide, I'm sure it's on the web site. it would be a good update.

        1. I would leave off Sonoma. It's not just a CA name but they serve mostly CA wines. The food is pretty good but if you are already going to Proof, Cork and Mendocino, then do you really need another wine bar-type place?

          I would go to Bistro Bis for brunch or if you are up on the Hill, you can also go for lunch.

          Otherwise you have a good list.

          Other places I would consider are Central and Corduroy. And the American Indian Museum for lunch...its delicious!

          1. If I had foodie friends visiting from the Bay area, I'd try to get reservations at the mini bar at Cafe Atlantico. It's hard to get in, though, similar to Chez Panisse (unless it's changed in the past few years) where you have to call in early and often to get a spot. Reservations taken a month in advanced so you still have time for your trip. Check out the photo gallery.