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Oct 31, 2008 06:32 AM

Thanksgiving dinner in Burlington, Vt

Any recommendations for Thanksgiving dinner in Burlington, Vt?

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    1. there's always Nector's...

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        1. Here are some ideas depending on how money you are willing to spend and how far you are willing to travel. The Sheraton Hotel serves a very nice and very large spread on Thanksgiving Day. Also if you don't mind traveling The Middlebury Inn in Middlebury, VT serves a great midday meal for about $20 each. It's about 35 minutes south down Route 7, a dull drive, but a nice meal in an old inn. More expensive but very nice is the Green Mountain Inn in Stowe, Vermont which is 45 minutes south on I-89 and up Route 100. Check their website for info and prices. Reservations at these places are almost a must. I have eaten at all three on prior trips at Thanksgiving. ! Happy Turkey Day!

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            Sweetwater's on Church St in Burlington offers a free Thanksgiving meal to the community every year. I'm sure a donation to a local chartity/shelter would be accepted and appreciated in lieu of payment for your meals.

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