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Oct 31, 2008 06:22 AM

salt & pepper on apples and cantaloupe

Am I the only one who puts S & P on apples?I love pepper especially on Cantaloupe too. I shook
salt on my apple yesterday and my new girlfriend was astounded. And not in a good way.
Am I that weird?

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  1. Not that weird-I always put salt on apples.

    1. I love salt on apples & cantaloupe! I learned this from my parents so it's not a "new" invention. I've never tried pepper but now I think I'll have to give it a try.

      1. Yes, and yes. Also on watermelon. Pepper's delicious on mangoes and peaches as well. Oh, and peppered sliced strawberries - yum.


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          My mother salted her cantaloupe and watermelon. Sometimes I swath mustard on my apple.

          1. re: cayjohan

            i'm 100% with cayjohan. salt brings out the sweetness, imo. pepper is great with salt on the 'loupes. the latinos use lime plus salt on the melons -- at least in sw fla.

            1. re: alkapal

              My first memory of eating honeydew melon is with lime juice squeezed over it.

            2. re: cayjohan

              Growing up I saw my grandparents salt their watermelon and cantaloupe. I understand it now, I guess, but I can't imagine ever wanting to use the yucky iodized table salt they had.

            3. If that's what you like, who's to say you're weird? I like burnt cheese on toast. I'm sure your girlfriend has some "odd" food combination that you may find strange. If she doesn't like it, she doesn't have to eat it.

              1. My fiance salts grapefruite; he got that trick from his dad.

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                  yep, salt is good on grapefruit. try grapefruit broiled with brown sugar on top of each half.