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Oct 31, 2008 06:15 AM

Beach Bistro

Beach Bistro scores near perfect in Zagat ranking

STAFF REPORT – Herald Tribune

Beach Bistro on Anna Maria Island was again awarded the highest Zagat Ranking for food excellence in Florida: a 28 out of a possible 30 points.
The Bistro also scored 27 points out of 30 for service.
Owner Sean Murphy was understandably pleased: "Twenty-eight for food and 27 for service are the highest scores in the state and some of the highest in the country. Higher scores have been increasingly difficult to accomplish. The numbers arrived on my birthday — it was a very special gift."

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  1. Nice scores, but with stratospheric menu prices one should expect no less! I mean really, $63 for a domestic rack of lamb and $11 for a veggie side? Sorry, I'll pass.

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      I love the food at Beach Bistro, but need to float a loan each time I go there............
      I do not like the fact that the tables are very very close together. Last time I visited the lade behind me was rubbing against my ribs each time she cut into her rack of lamb. Sorry, but this to me does not deserve a near perfect rating. About a year ago he added more tables and should of taken away tables, so now the dining room is very crowded. He's hungry, and wants the last buck. Not sure how he is doing in this economy, but I am sure its hurting him as well as all other restaurants.

    2. Several visits to the Beach Bistro have convinced us and several of our friends that this may be the very close to the best restaurant we have been in. One of our closest friends was with us the last time we were there. She has traveled the entire US and been in many of the 5 Star places in this country. She claims that this is at the top pf the heap. We'll be there twice in February. Thanks to Shawn & Company.