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Fresh Turkeys for Thanksgiving in San Diego?

SD hounds - what is the best place to buy a fresh heirloom or organic turkey here in town? Anybody have any experience with Whole Foods or Jonathans? Anybody ordered from further afield? Looks like I may be cooking my first one this year!

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  1. I've gotten ours at Whole Foods and they've been quite good.

    1. We have gotten fresh birds from Iowa Meat farms for several years and they have been consistently good.

      1. I'd recommend Bristol Farms for an organic turkey, they usually come like 11-14 and 16-22 lb varieties. First turkey cooking experience ever? or just this year.

        1. I've used both Sisels and Iowa Meat Farms. Both were fine. You also might want to contact Vowels out in El Cajon. You also might want to investigate Diestel turkeys, I've never had one turn out badly.

          1. I think Trader Joes carries fresh "organic" turkeys, I got one last year. I don't think they are very big (mine was 12lbs for deep frying)

            1. I just saw an ad for Tip Top Meats in Carlsbad having Diestel turkeys. I've heard only good things about this meat market and deli.

              1. Last year I got my heirloom turkey from Whole Foods in LJ. It worked out really well and I could schedule my pickup for a time that was perfect for me. This year getting one from Homegrown Meat in LJ. I have been buying all my meat from them since they opened and are really great to work with.

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                  Where exactly is Homegrown Meat? I think I heard it's the guy from Zenbu that opened it but I haven't gone there yet.

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                    It's in the same small shopping center as Zenbu in LJ.

                2. Thanks to everyone for all the suggestions!! Anybody have any info on prices for comparison?

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                    Another place to consider is Henry's. We really enjoyed ours--a huge improvement on the standard frozen supermarket special. They were very accomodating time wise, too, at least in North Park..

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                      Glad to hear good feedback from Henry's. We are up in Temecula and I am leaning toward ordering my fresh turkey from them. I was just talking to Baron's on the phone and they sound totally scatterbrained and claim they really don't do special orders -- just come in 2-3 days before Thanksgiving and "they'll have a good assortment and if not ask them to check the back." Not super confidence-inspiring.

                      I saw an ad in the paper for a butcher shop in Poway that is "taking holiday meat orders now" - anyone know of this place?

                      PS - Alice Q - I am a big fan of your blog:-)

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                        Probably Bisher's on Midland Road. also very good and very reliable.

                  2. Last year, Whole Foods offered brined Diestel turkeys weighing about 7 pounds. I bought them for Thanksgiving and Christmas and they were delicious, the best turkeys I've ever cooked.

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                      Jeff do you remember how much that cost you per pound by any chance?

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                        Alice Q I was in whole foods today and the Diestel turkeys were 10-12 lbs. unbrined. Trader Joes will be selling brined "natural" turkeys 10-18 lbs from Nov. 14-26 for 1.79/lb. No hormones, no antibiotics, all vegetable fed, never frozen. Brine is simply kosher salt and water. First come, first serve.

                    2. Major Market in Escondido has them.

                      1. The freshest turkeys are hunting local wild turkeys. They have a flavor that no farm raised bird can match plus our back woods are full of them. Buy a bird gun, get a hunting license, and get ready for the tastiest darn turkey of your life.

                        1. I've the last 5 years, I've ordered Turducken from Seisel's and now I'm not allowed to visit my daughter's without the it. The duck makes the gravy simply scrumptious and rich. THey have two sizes. The meat makes fabulous sandwiches.