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Oct 31, 2008 12:45 AM

Fresh Turkeys for Thanksgiving in San Diego?

SD hounds - what is the best place to buy a fresh heirloom or organic turkey here in town? Anybody have any experience with Whole Foods or Jonathans? Anybody ordered from further afield? Looks like I may be cooking my first one this year!

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  1. I've gotten ours at Whole Foods and they've been quite good.

    1. We have gotten fresh birds from Iowa Meat farms for several years and they have been consistently good.

      1. I'd recommend Bristol Farms for an organic turkey, they usually come like 11-14 and 16-22 lb varieties. First turkey cooking experience ever? or just this year.

        1. I've used both Sisels and Iowa Meat Farms. Both were fine. You also might want to contact Vowels out in El Cajon. You also might want to investigate Diestel turkeys, I've never had one turn out badly.

          1. I think Trader Joes carries fresh "organic" turkeys, I got one last year. I don't think they are very big (mine was 12lbs for deep frying)