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Oct 30, 2008 11:08 PM

Ethiopian restaurants in NH, RI or MA (not Boston)?

Does anyone know of any places that do Ethiopian food besides the 3 restaurants in the Boston area? I love Ethiopian food but hate going to the city for it :(

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  1. I'm with you, but unfortunately in my region (metro Providence, RI) there is nothing :(. South of Boston, the next closest restaurant I'm aware of is the longstanding Cafe Adulis in New Haven, CT.

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    1. re: Garris

      Sadly Cafe Adulis has closed, there is however another Ethiopian restaurant in New Haven called Lalibela.

      1. re: Garris

        I haven't been, But I have a friend who recommends this:

        Addis Red Sea Ethiopian Restaurant

        544 Tremont St
        Boston, MA 02116, United States
        +1 617-426-8727

        1. re: kpolar

          Yes, there's two places in Boston, but the OP was asking for anywhere but Boston. It would be so nice if there were, but it doesn't appear to be so...

      2. You might want to try the Abyssinian Restaurant in Hartford CT - went there with friends the other night and had a really nice meal.

        1. I share your pain (esp as they aren't open for lunch on weekdays), but I lived in NYC for a while and there are only two Ethiopian restaurants on all of Manhattan, so I consider myself lucky in retrospect!

          1. The original comment has been removed