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Oct 30, 2008 11:04 PM

Looking for a great traditionalThanksgiving meal in Raleigh

I'd like to find a restaurant that does great Thanksgiving meals in the Raleigh area. A friend of mine is going to be bed-ridden for 2-3 months and I'd like to be able to order a Thanksgiving meal for her and her family from a nearby restaurant and have it delivered to them. Any ideas or advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Whole Foods Market & The Raleigh Cafe (all in same building) on Wade Avenue will prepare the traditional Thanksgiving meal that you're looking for. Don't think they'll deliver, but it is ready for takeout to re-heat and serve at home.

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      Without a doubt, this will be your best choice. Weaver Street (in Chapel Hill and Hillsborough) does the same thing, but for Raleigh you'll get the best food prepared in a suitable fashion this way. I know of no restaurant which will be doing such a thing, nm delivery.

      However, if for some reason you really really don't want to use the above recommendation, my suggestion is that you contact either local caterers or google "personal chef services, raleigh, nc".

    2. While not a "great" meal, I think the local cafeterias are open on Thanksgiving day. K&S has a catering menu, so they might deliver.

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        Dickie's BBQ Thanksgiving special

        Holiday Meals

        Turkey & Dressing Meal: Choose from Cajun-Fried Turkey or Smoked Turkey, plus cornbread dressing, gravy and 12 buttery rolls.

        Complete Holiday Meal: Choose from Spiral-Cut Honey Ham, Smoked Turkey or Cajun-Fried Turkey, plus cornbread dressing, gravy, baked potato casserole, green beans with bacon and 12 buttery rolls.

      2. Depending on where your friend lives, might be a solution, if it is near the K&S or a Harris Teeter. Most grocery stores do a pick up holiday meal. Do a little research and find what is closest to the delivery address, it might be a lot easier asking someone to deliver if it is 5 minutes away from their business. Maybe you could get a neighbor or family member to pick it up. Irregardless Cafe used to serve on Thanksgiving.

        1. This link is a few years old, but it might help. It is the local newspapers restaurant reviewers list of places open on Thanksgiving.

          If your friends can't p/u and delivery is not an option for the restaurant, there seem to be a few concierge service companies in the area for hire.

          This is such a wonderful gift to give - they have a good friend in you!

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              Hooray for better search skills! I knew there was a more recent list...just not so good at finding.

          1. We've preordered Thanksgiving dishes from the Fresh Market in recent years, and everything has been excellent (with the exception of their green bean casserole - skip it). I don't believe they deliver, unfortunately, but we've tried the turkey, corn pudding, spinach souffle, and been pleased with it all. Their cranberry-orange relish is to die for.