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Oct 30, 2008 10:07 PM

Driving from DC to North Carolina: Where to eat?

Hey there,

I will be driving from DC to North Carolina, passing through Richmond. Where should I stop and eat? Where's the good BBQ hiding? I don't mind detouring a little for some really great eats. There has to be something lurking out there!

I'll mostly be on 95, so somewhere around there is best!


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  1. You didn't specify how far into NC you'll be driving, however if you get near Kenly NC (between Wilson and Smithfield) take Highway 301 - which was I-95 years ago - and stop at Moore's BBQ in Kenly. Place isn't much to look at, but their bbq is true eastern NC style and worth a visit. The fried chicken there is good too.

    In Wilson, Parker's BBQ is still good, although not as much as years ago. Under no circumstances should you go to Bill's BBQ in Wilson. It's now off a buffet and is terrible. They should have stayed closed following the flood.

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    1. re: goodeatsinadive

      moore's is great and RIGHT (like 0.2 miles) off the 95 so easy to get to. highly recommend.

    2. Gardners on 301N in Rocky Mt, NC has some good Q and an excellent buffet. Probably 4-5 miles off 95.

      1. There's a little shack on US 301 in Stony Creek, VA called the Stony Creek Tastee Hut that has pretty good eastern NC style barbecue and beef barbecue as well. The standout item are the hush puppies- best I've ever had anywhere. This is right off the interstate- you can see it from I-95.

        1. When you get to Richmond, stop by Buzz and Ned's BBQ, it is RIGHT off the interstate. Here's the directions...
          Heading SOUTH on I-95 take exit 78 (Boulevard). At the bottom of the ramp go right. Go less than .8 miles and Buz and Ned's will be on your left under the large yellow billboard.

          Happy Eating!!!

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          1. re: hhutchi25

            I have to disagree with the Richmond rec. Made that mistake once and never, never again. They're trying to be all things BBQ to all people and are succeeding at none. And I had some HUGE issues with their cleanliness, although that may have been a temporary situation.

            1. re: hhutchi25

              Buzz and Ned's is where I was served raw hushpuppys, thinking about it they were able to have them both burned on the outside and raw on the inside. The BBQ was not much better.

              1. re: chazzer

                i don't think it's perfect but i've had some great ribs and sides (hush puppies, mac & cheese, collards, apples) at Buz & Ned's. I'm not sure it's all that some claim it to be and I don't like their pulled pork but i've never had dreadful problems. Sorry you did.

                If you want a more upscale southern food experience (but not TOO upscale at all - just not divey BBQ) i highly recommend comfort in richmond. awesome!