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Oct 30, 2008 08:38 PM

TenRen Green Tea Wasabi peanuts

So they had big bags of these at Costco for a while and they were FANTASTIC. Then no more. And I can't find 'em locally now. Anyone know where I might find them? And no, they're not at Uwajimaya. Thanks.

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    1. Have you tried the Ten Ren Tes Co. on King in the ID?

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        That store is no more. It is now Seattle's Best Tea and not connected to Tenren. Not that TenRen was anything to write home about.

      2. Dear Missliss,
        Yes, those were yummy! I also bought several bags of the TenRen Green Tea Wasabi peanuts at Costco. Costco said they may get some more in later.....but in the meantime...believe it or not....I found these SAME Wasabi peanuts at several of the Portland, Oregon & Vancouver, WA. area Fred Meyer stores! Look in the Asian Food section!!! (NOT by the Planters peanuts, and other nuts)...but in the ASIAN FOOD Section (in most stores it's right next to the Hispanic (Mexican) food section). I just bought a bag of them last night!!! Good luck! ~ Cheralin