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Oct 30, 2008 07:41 PM

Turkey in the deep freeze since last year...Still good?

Last year, my sister-in-law and I collaborated on Thanksgiving. We bought 2 turkeys and decided at the last minute to replace one with a ham for some variety.

She put the turkey in her deep freeze (still in the original wrapping) and we figured we would just make it for another upcoming holiday. Well, here we are almost a year later and it's still in there.

Still good?? (Other than a nasty case of freezer burn?)

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  1. Freezer burn, which is actually dehydration, means that some of the moisture has left the turkey and found a home on the inside of the plastic wrap or - if the plastic wrap isn't a high quality variety that will exclude the transfer of oxygen in the ice crystals that accumulate on the inside of your freezer between defrost cycles. Yep, cheap plastic wraps will allow air to pass through, albeit slowly but assuredly, and take moisture with it. Your turkey may not be something you would want to prepare for dinner. You may want to cook it for a private dinner, but I don't believe it's worth the chance if you're expecting guests at the dinner table.

    1. No. Skin it and make a vat of soup.

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        I couldn't agree more; that's a great solution. I'm even a bit embarrassed for not having come up with that suggestion.

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          Now we're thinking we might just experiment and attempt to deep fry it.

      2. I would brine it and roast. Maybe don't serve as the centrepiece of Thanksgiving dinner, but find another occasion where the focus won't be quite so intense. Use a well-flavoured brine with lemons, garlic and herbs.

        1. I had an old frozen bird which really had to go, so I decided to chuck it into the sea (400 yards from where I live) for the crabs. Well, at 6:30 am I went there carrying this 15 pound turkey and there were at least 4 people who knew me, on the beach, exercising their dogs. I really could not be seen acting in, frankly, rather a bizarre manner so I had to retreat to my car. Anyway, this was repeated about four times with me becoming increasingly worried about my own sanity. What the hell was I doing running up and down the beach at dawn carrying a frozen turkey? Anyone watching would have called the local mental home to report an escapee!

          I eventually gave up and turned it into stock which was disgusting and junked.