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Oct 30, 2008 07:18 PM

Jif Peanut Butter

I'm searching high and low for Jif peanut butter in the South Etobicoke area. Anyone know where it may be found? I just tried Walmart with no luck.

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  1. i seen it in the food aisle/ refrigerator aisle at shoppers drug mart

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    1. re: togone

      This thread read my mind...i was just about to consult the culinary oracle myself to see if there was anywhere downtown i could get a jar. it's the only PB i'll eat and it's getting harder and harder to find.

      togone, do you know which shoppers location carries it?

    2. Highland Farms at Dufferin and Finch has it for sure.

      1. That's strange...that's the brand I usually pick up at Wal-mart. Maybe try another location? The one I go to is in the east end.

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        1. re: Sinfulia

          yeah, that's where i got it too but the last time i was there it was outta stock and the cash girl didn't seem too optimistic about them getting more in. if you see it there next time you go, please post to this thread and i'll be eternally grateful :)

          1. re: yoyodyne

            Sorry, just checked the Walmart I usually frequent and they don't carry it anymore! Guess I'll have to ration out my last tub.

        2. My husband has had the same dilema. We suddenly couldn't find it. My mom found afew jars in Loblaws stores in Etobicoke. Eventually, we had a friend visiting from the States bring us a huge Costco-sized tub!

          1. Contact the current manufacturer, which I believe to be Smucker's, and find out if it's still being made for Canada and, if so, where you can get it. I've come to find Jif too sweet, and haven't eaten it in years.

            When I first came to Canada, I was addicted to Jif. It wasn't available here and the manufacturer, P&G at the time, had no interest in introducing it. They felt there was too much competition already. (For example, the leading brand here at the time, Kraft PB wasn't a major US player.)

            Then Skippy was introduced into Canada with a radical ad campaign - they tried to hang a full size jar on every doorknob in the country. This was a great success, and Jif was more or less frozen out of the market. When it was finally brought here, it never seemed to have much distribution. The last place I saw a large supply was at a Wal-Mart.

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            1. re: embee

              Walmart always seems to carry it. Embee your knowledge on manufactured peanut butter is very impressive. Are you in the industry?

              1. re: food face

                I'm not in the industry, though I did work in retail and with packaged goods many years ago. This post comes from my personal experience as an ordinary consumer with an inordinate interest in food.

              2. re: embee

                I remember getting that sample and being "sucked in" by the peanut on top!