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Jif Peanut Butter

I'm searching high and low for Jif peanut butter in the South Etobicoke area. Anyone know where it may be found? I just tried Walmart with no luck.

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  1. i seen it in the food aisle/ refrigerator aisle at shoppers drug mart

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      This thread read my mind...i was just about to consult the culinary oracle myself to see if there was anywhere downtown i could get a jar. it's the only PB i'll eat and it's getting harder and harder to find.

      togone, do you know which shoppers location carries it?

    2. Highland Farms at Dufferin and Finch has it for sure.

      1. That's strange...that's the brand I usually pick up at Wal-mart. Maybe try another location? The one I go to is in the east end.

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          yeah, that's where i got it too but the last time i was there it was outta stock and the cash girl didn't seem too optimistic about them getting more in. if you see it there next time you go, please post to this thread and i'll be eternally grateful :)

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            Sorry, just checked the Walmart I usually frequent and they don't carry it anymore! Guess I'll have to ration out my last tub.

        2. My husband has had the same dilema. We suddenly couldn't find it. My mom found afew jars in Loblaws stores in Etobicoke. Eventually, we had a friend visiting from the States bring us a huge Costco-sized tub!

          1. Contact the current manufacturer, which I believe to be Smucker's, and find out if it's still being made for Canada and, if so, where you can get it. I've come to find Jif too sweet, and haven't eaten it in years.

            When I first came to Canada, I was addicted to Jif. It wasn't available here and the manufacturer, P&G at the time, had no interest in introducing it. They felt there was too much competition already. (For example, the leading brand here at the time, Kraft PB wasn't a major US player.)

            Then Skippy was introduced into Canada with a radical ad campaign - they tried to hang a full size jar on every doorknob in the country. This was a great success, and Jif was more or less frozen out of the market. When it was finally brought here, it never seemed to have much distribution. The last place I saw a large supply was at a Wal-Mart.

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              Walmart always seems to carry it. Embee your knowledge on manufactured peanut butter is very impressive. Are you in the industry?

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                I'm not in the industry, though I did work in retail and with packaged goods many years ago. This post comes from my personal experience as an ordinary consumer with an inordinate interest in food.

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                I remember getting that sample and being "sucked in" by the peanut on top!

              3. What a pain. Someone at work goes to the States every 2 weeks, so she's picking me up a couple of jars. Otherwise, it's asking the sis in Niagara to go across and buy some for me.

                I did actually see small jars at the Apple Market on the Queensway and Camilla in Mississauga.

                1. The small grocery/convenience store on the north side of queen just east of broadview carries crunchy and creamy Jif. just scored some last night.

                  1. Believe it or not there is a Jif "hotline".. I called it and woman in states who handles Canadian orders said they HAVE had a reduction in orders past few months. aka loblaws account?. She says we should still be able to find it at Highland Farms and Longos

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                      Jif hotine. hilarious. I'm getting a real kick outta this thread.

                    2. All this has gotten me curious about Jif. Now I want to go and get some Jif and Skippy and do a comparision with Kraft ... hahah..

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                        Jif is the superior peanut butter and Ive been having trouble finding lately also. I guess I should call the hotline. Jiff has more sugar in it than kraft/skippy but a better flavor and is smoother I find.

                      2. I have recently been to two different Walmarts, Brampton Hwy 10 and Bovaird and Milton Superstore. Both stores have a huge supply of Jif peanut butter (my favourite and had always bought it at Walmart). It seems that perhaps customer feedback has prompted them to bring it back? Great news to me.

                        1. I'm a Jiff Freak also. I once went back to Kraft and thought i'd be sick. Longos Grocery chain carries Jiff. You can also order it online at their Web Grocery store


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                            BAAAAAAD news on the Jif front folks, it appears as though Longos is no longer carrying Jif as they are not selling it in canada any longer. This is what the Longos Manager told us if this is true....man here come the withdrawls! :(

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                              What's so good about Jif Peanut Butter?

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                                My wife (who is from the U.S.) grew up on it so we have to get it as the locally made stuff just doesn't taste right to her. We buy it in the U.S. when we're on trips, someone usually has it on sale or just get the big ones from Sam's Club.

                                I grew up on Squirrel ("the one with the peanut on top") and Kraft, so when I first tried Jif the thing I noticed was a stronger roasted peanut flavor and smell, and it's not as sweet. The stronger peanut taste was a pleasant surprise and had me sold on it.

                          2. I just bought a small jar of it at the Cherry Street T&T! Had to try it given all the hype.

                            1. Today I spotted Jif at Gardenview Convenience (252 Queen Street W) for a hefty $4.99 (at least that seems hefty for such a little jar). I was tempted to grab a jar based on this thread, but I ended up going to Tutti Frutti to try freshly ground peanut butter instead!


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                                If you're really desperate for JIF peanut butter, buy a generic peanut butter and add ICING SUGAR?

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                                  But make sure it's less than 2% of your RDA for sugar.

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                                    I found Jif to be less sweet than Kraft, Skippy, etc... but had a stronger roasted peanut flavor.

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                                      Unlike Kraft and Skippy, Jif uses molasses in addition to other sweeteners. That is why I prefer its flavour especially for baking.

                                2. I"m on the hunt!

                                  I use to find Jif at Highland and WalMart haven't seen it a quite awhile.

                                  has anyone come across Jif recently? Prefereably in North York or Vaughan?

                                  1. I live in Scarborough (Agincourt) and we used to get Jif @ Walmart, Agincourt Mall. Went in about a year ago and they weren't selling it anymore (American manufacturer told them they're not shipping to Canada anymore). Anyway, we have a Canadian Tire close by and they've started a huge food section, with many U.S products, cookies, cereals, etc., we can't buy here, and I went into next aisle and it was loaded with Jif. So happy, bought one and went back about a month later and it's gone. Like everyone else, I'd love to find out where to get it. I do plan on contacting the company in the US again and find out why they're making it available, then just advising store managers to pull the product off their shelves. It's ridiculous - can't make up their minds!!

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                                      Sorry madisunne I was intending to respond to ninja5ca's most recent post

                                    2. We were at liquidation world in mississauga at dundas and dixie on sat 12 mar 2011 and they had about 12 small bottles of jiff peanut butter.I don't remember how much they were.

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                                        Thanks for the reply ninja5ca. I had joined this thread back in November 2010 and made a long post complaining about the audiacity of certain companies in all this but it appears the Chowhound Reviewers might have thought my post to be a bit too judgemental against a certain large chain department store who shall remain nameless for fear that this venue might land them in court. I went even further than "madisunne" above did above. I contacted Smuckers Canada and spoke directly with the VP of Sales. He advised me that Jif would no longer be sold in Canada ("for reasons that shall remain in confidence between Smuckers Canada and Smuckers USA").

                                        I am a dedicated fan of this product so I had to take matters into my own hands and went shopping in Buffalo just before Christmas and delcared the entire LOT at Canadian Customs citing the non-availability of the product in Canada (all 50 lbs worth) - explaining that I was buying it for personal consumption - and NOT resale which was the TRUTH. So- I now have my cupboard stocked for the year. Unfortunately, NO ONE is Smuckers Atlanta GA can explain WHEN the product will ever be available again in Canada. It appears that we are just not worth courting - or the complications with respect to our BI-LINGUAL labeling requirement are just too enormous for them to surmount. (Either its that or our Transfat Rules) So- I will make my annual TREK to Buffalo to make my purchases at Walmart down there and KISS any hope of ever buying the product in Canada GOODBYE!

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                                          I know I sound like a broken record when I say it but sometimes cross border shopping is the only way to get 1-items not available here 2-reasonable prices for certain items.

                                          NAFTA truly is a joke. If it's truly "free trade" then it should not be any barriers for any LEGAL goods to cross the border. Whether it's Jif peanut butter, motor vehicles, wine, poultry, or dairy products.