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Oct 30, 2008 07:16 PM

recommendations for Market (SD)

We're finally going to Market this weekend and I've heard so much about it here, I'm looking forward to it. I've looked at their website but are there any dishes or appetizers, etc there that are must-try or spectacular? We're two couples celebrating our coinciding wedding anniversaries, so I'd love to know what would make it extra special.

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  1. We've only been there once, so while I don't have extensive rec's to give you, I can say one thing for sure: It's all really good. The menu changes often, depending largely on what's for sale at Chino Farms a few miles down the road. Funny thing, I still remember the corn bread that came in the basket before the meal that was sooo tasty. The rest of the meal was fantastic, too. Bottom line: It's a great place, one we're lucky to have close by.

    1. If they have the fried oyster cobb salad starter on the menu, we absolutely loved that. Also, their duck confit is amazing. They have a lot of "luxury" items on the menu, foie gras, lobster, steak, etc. so you should have no trouble finding something delicious!

      1. Was there last night for the wifey's b-day. Everything was excellently prepared, but fell a little short of overwhelming me - the product of over-expectation, I imagine...

        Persimmon salad with ginger/citrus(?) dressing and goat cheese - this was really a neat preparation for persimmons, but the texture combination of crispy fruit and gummy cheese was a little off for my tastes

        Blue cheese souffle with Anjou pears - I thought the pears weren't quite ripe enough to balance the dish, but the souffle itself was great and the pears had a citrus oil drizzled over the greens that was probably the standout of the night. I wondered why they felt the need to add goat cheese to the pear salad though, really didn't match with the blue
        Baby beet salad - this held up to all it's hype, well balanced, original flavors
        Shrimp tempura stuffed with Lobster - excellently prepared, but, ultimately, forgettable. Kind of like a shrimp/lobster croquette.

        Short ribs braised in Cabernet - again, beautifully prepared, but no great leaps in presentation or flavors
        Maine lobster tail - this was an off-menu special and, since we're East Coaster's, the wife couldn't resist. Very nice portion, nicely prepared with homemade infused butter (not sure of the spices, but they've got a nice nack for the oils and butters here). This came with twice-baked potatoes that held up to the high-class presentation. Creamy and tasty without tasting like a butter slick, presented with ultra-thin maple smoked bacon - tasty!

        We paired the start of our meal with an Italian Pinot Grigio and the mains with another Italian San Giovese (went with 2 half bottles to get better pairings). The corn bread muffins were really good too, but they tasted a little... fishy?

        All in all, it was a great meal, but I was expecting a little more based on the hype. Without naming names, I can think of a couple of places that have the same quality/price level as Market that deliver a little more "je ne sais quoi".

        1. if they have their beet salad on the menu, their various variations of it is really tasty. Also, their short ribs are melt-in-your-mouth good.

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            those short ribs are amazingly good

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              Whoa! We had a great meal there. And the service was excellent even though it was quite busy. It ranks right up there with Tapenade for me. The amuse was a thick potato chip that had seasalt and a little citrus zing to it with a small slice of applewood bacon and a dollop of creme fraiche with chives on it. I could have made a meal of it. For appetizers we tried the steak salad, beet salad, foie gras and grapefruit and avocado salad--all great. The lobster-shrimp tempura was a little too rich but the sauce was great. Tried: wienerschnitzel, short ribs, smoked duck/duck confit and meatloaf/bison. We all liked ours and did not want to share very much. A place we will return to on other special occasions for sure!