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Oct 30, 2008 06:30 PM

Kenyan Food?

We are throwing an election party and making food from the candidate's geographic backgrounds - having trouble coming up with a Kenyan dish - any recommendations (nothing too complicated - we have lots of other stuff to make). Thanks.

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  1. Don't know Obama's ethnic group, so the following is generic and widely acceptable.

    You need to make stewed (with just a bit of liquid) chicken flavored with M'chuzi mix (a powdered flavor base. I prefer Royco). Make sure you reserve the gizzard for the most honored guest. You need to serve the staple ugali - for you that can be a (white) corn meal mush cooked until solid. Then you need sukuma wiki - steamed greens.

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      Luo. I know nothing about Kenyan food, so can't help the op.

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        Ugali and sukuma wiki - such memories! Best ( and properly) eaten with the hands, while squatting on the ground or floor.

      2. It's really been a while since I've been to Kenya but remember a lot of corn porridge. If you want to wimp out, you can always serve Kenyan coffee.

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          Wimp out with a six pack of Tusker!

        2. I hope this helps:

          There's also Kenyan-Indian food which may add to your options.

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            I came across this curried potatoes recipe while googling for a matoke recipe:

            The cooking techniques are almost exactly like what you'd use for Indian.

          2. I don't have first-hand knowledge, since I've never been to Kenya -- but matoke, a mashed plantains dish, is supposedly common to Kenya and many other African countries. There are a lot of versions out there. The simplest -- which I've tried -- involves carmelizing onion, sauteeing sliced green plantains briefly, and then adding broth and boiling until the plantains are soft. You can add whatever spices you want (commonly include cumin, coriander, salt and pepper) and mash with butter. More complicated versions include veggies, esp. boiled greens, and meat in the mix. Pretty easy to make.

            A recipe, here: