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Oct 30, 2008 06:00 PM

Sel de la Terre brunch? Gaslight?

Hi, we are doing a Saturday brunch/lunch with 4 older adults, me, and my daughter (who is 11 months..) So, though I'm looking for good food, it does need to be baby friendly. Also should be somewhere in the city, preferably South End or walkable from there either with parking or valet..... (two of the older adults are driving in and can't walk long distances so they either need a lot right there or the valet option) I was thinking Gaslight might be a good choice, but then realized there was the new location of Sel De La Terre. Not sure how baby friendly that would be though? And I'm assuming they have valet, though not sure on that...And has anyone eaten there? It's for this Saturday, so I need to make a decision soon. Appreciate any advice/insight and/or if you have any other recs feel free to offer. Thanks,


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  1. Union has a good Sat. deal, coffee cake, entree and coffee for $9.95 I think. Plus the usual menu too. Not too busy, somewhat easy to park. And of course Aquitaine's Sat. deal. Don't know the others for brunch.

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      Yeah, we've done Union's deal many times. Last time service was REALLY bad. May have been a fluke, but we're ready to try somewhere new now. Plus, since it will be on the later side, (1ish?) I'm not sure Union and/or Acquitaine will still be running their brunch. Appreciate the suggestions though.

    2. I think Gaslight would be a great option. And Sel de la Terre does have a reputation of being very kid-friendly, but I'm not sure if that holds only in the location by the Aquarium, for if it extends to the new place. I'm guess it would be just fine.

      1. As much as I want to like Gaslight (the free parking would be ideal for your situation) I keep finding that I leave dissapointed. I've been there at least five times to dine, and the food just seems to miss the mark with me. I know gaslight gets some favorable remarks here so perhaps I've had a bad luck streak.

        I can only speak for the original SDT location, but I have never been dissapointed there from a food or service perspective. I've only gone there on foot so I'm not sure about valet parking but there are ample lots around in the immediate area.

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          I've had good Gaslight experiences but their brunch menu isn't overly impressive (or abundant.) Looks like that's where we are headed anyway, so I will report back. Thanks all.

        2. I've enjoyed the Gaslight brunch, but the drinks can add up (it's pretty easy to suck down a Ramos Gin Fizz, I find), and the portions of some dishes are tiny. Between the two, it adds up to a more expensive than average South End brunch.

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            Agreed - I remember a minuscule omelette with no flavor - very disappointing. DH had a great croque monsieur, though, so it evened out.

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              We ended up at Gaslight and everyone seemed to enjoy their meal. I had "truffled scrambled eggs tartine" which was basically scrambled eggs atop a piece of french bread --but the truffle flavor was evident and the eggs were cooked perfectlly (overcooked eggs, especially scrambled, are my pet peeve.) I think everyone was reasonably happy with their dish, though service was not the greatest. We had to continually flag the waiter down for more coffee, drink refills, etc. Which is a little odd b/c it really wasn't busy at all (1ish on a Saturday.) He was perfectly nice, just not all that attentive.

              All in all I thought it was a good brunch though certainly not a destination spot, unless I had a larger group of folks....