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Oct 30, 2008 05:18 PM

Zody's - excellent delivery from downtown Stamford

Tried Zody's once before, and they were the best delivery I've had in Stamford, but I held off saying anything until I tried them again to see if it wasn't a fluke. Between two of us we got a burger, fries, a veggie wrap, and roasted potatoes. The wrap came with homemade dark potato chips. First delivery burger I've had with a handmade patty. The fries stayed crisp, unlike most delivery places. The roasted potatoes were in garlic oil with (I believe) rosemary. I was told the veggie wrap was great. "I have absolutely no complaints," I was just told.

I don't know how far they'll deliver but if you're within a couple miles of downtown Stamford I highly recommend giving them a shot.

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  1. Quick update. Had delivery from them a few times since this post. Only recently, though, have they started charging $1 extra per dish as a "container charge" - which was never disclosed while we were placing our order. I'm against delivery charges in general - I remember to tip the delivery guy - but if they somehow feel they need to charge a buck to offset whatever mileage cost they're paying out to the driver, fine, I'll deal with it if the restaurant's worthy. But this dollar per dish for the cost of their container? No. How about charging people who eat in a dishwashing fee? I'll think twice before calling them again.