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Oct 30, 2008 04:03 PM

going to providence for the first time

hello, going to providence for the first time this weekend.
any suggestions on which dishes to get?

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  1. The chef's tasting menu.....

    1. if you are really hungry dont order the eel with risotto. it come in the biggest plate/curved bowl you have ever seen but only take up 3 inches wide and 1 each deep. i went to astro burger afterwards.

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        that's hilarious--I remember going to Michael's back in the day and we both had a fatburger for dessert.

      2. Tasting menu is the way to go at Providence.

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          Agreed. Tasting menu all the way.

          1. re: Nicole

            Which tasting menu?

            Five courses
            $85/$115 with wine pairing

            Full tasting
            $110/$155 with wine pairing

            Chef's menu
            $155/$240 with wine pairing

            Mr Taster

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              sorry i spelled like i was in first grade in my earlier post. hmmmm fatburger!

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                Mmm ... fatburger ...

                1611 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

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                  get the chef's menu. if you see something you like ala carte you can add it to the chef's menu at an additional price, if isn't already on the tasting menu. we did this for the kobe steak last time. we also substituted the cheese portion of the menu for an extra dessert. good stuff. :)

            2. I would skip the chowda. Although it's a signature dish, I find the broth to be fairly flavorless, not the chowder broth one expects. Like a giant bowl of half and half with some delicious clams, potato and carrot chunks thrown in.

              1. Although the tasting menu is full of hits, there are some misses occasionally. I've also had inconsistent experiences with their meat and hot foie gras preparations. One of the best items I've had however was the lobster risotto a la carte.

                You can't go wrong with any of their fish preparations which change seasonally. I've had some of the best halibut, seabass, wild salmon etc in my entire life there. The scallops are consistently excellent. Desserts are innovative and very good.

                I'm less swayed than some in regards to "modern" cooking. I'll happily pass on the mojito ravioli (utlizing Adria's spherification technique) so I'm more likely to build my own menu and split items if need be when I go to places like Providence.