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Oct 30, 2008 03:07 PM

Looking for great hole-in-the-wall places while on honeymoon in Manhattan

My finacee and I will be traveling from Oklahoma toManhattan in early January and we both love trying out casual ($25-60 for two people) hole-in-the-wall type places and can't wait to search these out while there. Every type of food is game for us, but we really want to experience some great places that only New Yorker's will know about. We're staying near Grand Central. Thanks for your advice!

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  1. That's a pretty broad question, actually. Can you give a little more information, like what areas you want to check out, where you're staying, how much you want to spend, what you consider "casual?" Another thing that may help people narrow down their suggestions a little bit is where you're visiting from. For instance, if you're visiting from Texas, we're not going to suggest barbecue. If you're visiting from London, we're not going to suggest a gastropub, Tokyo- no sushi, etc.

    Your initial question will probably yield thousands of possibilities...

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      If you re-read dondmon's post, you will see he and his fiancee are from Oklahoma, they are staying near Grand Central, and his budget is $25-$60 for two -- though he doesn't say if that has to cover drinks, tax & tip as well as food.


      I'm going to take it as a given that they you are willing to eat in neighborhoods other than near your hotel. But it would be helpful if you would clarify your budgetary paremeters, keeping in mind NYC tax @ nearly 9% and a 15-20% tip. If you also want to include alcoholic beverages, that would not leave much left over to cover food costs. That said, here are a couple of suggestions:

      Limon, on 24th St., b/t 2nd & 3rd Avs., is a teensy Turkish restaurant with very good food, friendly service and plain but pleasant decor.


      Cosette, on 33rd St., b/ Lex & 3rd Av., is a tiny, cozy French bistro with solidly prepared and generous portions of traditional fare

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        Oops... how did I not see that?! Every question I asked was actually in the posting. Apologies.

        I agree with Shopsin's, 100%. And yes, the OP should also do the famous RGR walking tour (listed below as well).

        I guess the most important thing would be to get away from Grand Central, Times Square, Central Park if you're looking for holes in the walls. There are a ton of fun and interesting and inexpensive places in the East Village. You may want to go have a bowl of "proper" ramen for lunch at Setagaya or Ippudo. Pretty good cheap italian at Frank or L'il Frankies.

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          My thanks to you, egit, and bobjbkln below, for mentioning my tour. To make it easy for the honeymooners, here's the link:

    2. OMG....Please go here. I went the other night and it was amazing. It's called Aroma Kitchen and Wine Bar. It's seriously tiny but they take reservations. It's owned by a husband-wife and on Sundays they have a prix-fixe an live music and the food is out of this world!!

      1. For the ultimate hole-in-the-wall/"only in New York" dining experience, get your asses down to Shopsin's in the Essex St. Market to experience the mad brlliance that is Kenny Shopsin. The menu alone can keep you entertained and bewildered for hours. Be ready to witness flying expletives from the family staff and daring culinary genius like "Blisters on My Sister," and "Slutty Pancakes." There are many postings on this board that can tell you more, but just get yourselves there! And enjoy!

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          It's definitely a hole in the wall. Kenny is...eccentric to say the least. Cranky. Outspoken. Also a great cook. They are only open 9am-3pm Tuesdays through Saturdays, BTW. Double check those hours. And don't be surprised if Kenny drops a few f-bombs or argues with the staff (his kids).

        2. PIO PIO-91st and 1st ave-the best Peruvian Chicken!!!! u will loooooove!

          1. Your price range is hardly what I would associate with "hole-in-the-wall" prices.

            At my number one "hole-in-the-wall" spot, the newly renovated Mei Li Wah Bakery (formerly Mei Lei Wah Coffee Shop), located on Bayard Street in Chinatown, between Mott and Elizabeth streets, 25 bucks will get you enough food for four or five people, and 60 will get you enough buns and rolls to last you weeks, months even. Mei Li Wah, which has been around for decades, is patterned after a Hong Kong tea house, and specializes in cheap and delicious dim sum specialties like roast pork buns, coconut buns, rice rolls and the type of charred, bitter coffee that is unique to Chinatown. I used to subsist on their Special Combination bun, a steamed, softball-sized wonder, consisting of pork, egg, chicken, and, more recently, mushrooms. One is enough for a meal, and big enough to walk on a leash. Chinatown, in general, is a good place for cheap eats and true blue holes-in-the-wall; between the myriad hand-pulled noodle joints, wonton and bbq houses, dumpling stalls and dim sum houses, you can probably eat three square there for far less than your stated budget. But Mei Li Wah remains my standard whenever someone brings up the term "hole-in-the-wall", renovations be damned.

            Here's a recent link to MLW:

            Now, if we're talking about eateries that are closer to Grand Central, you might very well enjoy Sapporo, on West 49th, which is the equivalent of a Japanese, old-school diner, specializing in ramen (although I go for their japanese fried rice or their over-rice dishes), or Margon, on West 46th, a cuban diner-steam table place that makes a respectable cuban sandwich as well as an excellent octopus salad. I've also heard wonderful things about the vintage atmosphere - albeit mixed reviews on the chow - at Prime Burger, but have never been there. Given my low-rent tastes, however, a stopover is imminent. Anyhow, here's their site:

            Enjoy your honeymoon stay, and please report back.